This Week on Marvel Unlimited: 03/29/2021

Only 9 new books this week, including part 2 of King in Black. No new #1s or one-shots. Kind of boring in my opinion.

New This Week (Published 12/23/2020)
Amazing Spider-Man #54.1
Doctor Doom #10
Excalibur #16
King in Black #2
Maestro #5
Marvel #3
Spider-Woman #7
Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #8
U.S Agent #2

Notes: King In Black books include the main title and Spider-Woman…Excalibur deals with the X of Swords fallout…Marvel features stories of Warlock, Rocket Racoon, and Black Widow…Maestro is the final issue of the mini-series…Doom features the final part of The Crack of Doom storyline…Amazing Spider-Man continues Last Remains

Best of Last Week:
X-Force #15 – A common theme coming up in X-Men books are returning to storylines that happened prior to X of Swords; it’s a little annoying since it’s been a few months since these were touched. I couldn’t remember what happened in this book prior to the crossover. X-Force started as one of the strongest books of the Dawn of X line, but it’s fallen off with this arc.
New Mutants #14 – This is the exception to the coming back to a storyline; the New Mutants have taken it upon themselves to keep the young mutants of the island sharp by training them. It’s a set up issue, so we’ll see where this goes.

And 2 from 2 weeks ago
Marauders #16 – Going back to their pre-X of Swords storyline, Kate and Emma confront Shaw about killing Kate; they blackmail him into playing by Hellfire Trading Company’s rules. I really like this dynamic of the company and it continues to be a strong book.
S.W.O.R.D. #1 – With S.W.O.R.D. back online, this primarily mutant team will watch over the planet, not just Krakoa. It’s an interesting team they’ve put together and I’m on board for the run.

Don’t forget, the Krakoa Mutant Tracker is (supposed to be, but not right now) updated weekly as new books come to Marvel Unlimited.

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