This Week On Marvel Unlimited: 03/25/2024


This Week On Marvel Unlimited has more Gang War, Fall of X, and Dark Droids

New comics this week, along with a new feature for the app. Marvel drops more of Gang War ahead of the 3-month window, the X-Men deal with the Fall of X, and Star Wars continues the Dark Droid crossover.

The app has added the ability to either go to the next issue of the series you are on or the next in the reading order if you are following a crossover. This is huge for things like Gang War or Star Wars: Dark Droids because you don’t have to jump from book to book now. It’s a huge addition for the app.

This Week On Marvel Unlimited: The Original X-Men

Now on to the new books this week.

  • Alien #2 (12/20/2023)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #42 (01/17/2024)*
  • Amazing Spider-Man #43 (02/14/2024)*
  • Amazing Spider-Man #44 (02/28/2024)*
  • Astonishing Iceman #5 (12/20/2023)**
  • Capwolf & The Howling Commandos #3 (12/20/2023)
  • Daredevil: Black Armor #2 (12/20/2023)
  • Daredevil: Gang War #2 (01/10/2024)*
  • Daredevil: Gang War #3 (02/07/2024)*
  • Daredevil: Gang War #4 (03/06/2024)*
  • Deadly Hands of Kung Fu: Gang War #2 (01/31/2024)*
  • Deadly Hands of Kung Fu: Gang War #3 (02/14/2024)*
  • Doctor Strange #10 (12/20/2023)
  • G.O.D.S. #3 (12/20/2023)
  • Incredible Hulk #7 (12/20/2023)
  • Luke Cage: Gang War #3 (01/10/2024)*
  • Luke Cage: Gang War #4 (02/21/2024)*
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man #15 (01/10/2024)*
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man #16 (02/14/2024)*
  • Original X-Men #1 (12/20/2023)
  • Spider-Boy #2
  • Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #3 (12/20/2023)
  • Spider-Woman #3 (01/24/2024)*
  • Spider-Woman #4 (02/21/2024)*
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader #41 (12/20/2023)***
  • Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #39 (12/20/2023)***
  • Star Wars: The High Republic [Phase III] #2 (12/20/2023)
  • Star Wars: Revelations #1 (12/20/2023)
  • Superior Spider-Man #2 (12/20/2023)
  • Uncanny Avengers #5 (12/20/2023)**
  • Uncanny Spider-Man #5 (12/20/2023)**
  • Wolverine #40 (12/20/2023)**

* Gang War
** Fall of X
*** Dark Droids

A majority of the week is Gang War (reading order is here), with a few Fall of X and Dark Droid books there as well. We also get a non-Fall of X X-Men book with Original X-Men #1; it deals with the first 5 going through the multiverse. There’s a lot of Spider-Man this week (outside of Gang War); Superior continues the story of Doc Ock as Spider-Man, while Uncanny is the story of a web crawling Nightcrawler. Plus Spider-Boy.

Here are the last week’s Infinity Comics:

  • Avengers United Infinity Comic #24 (03/21/2024)
  • G.O.D.S. #3 (12/20/2023)
  • It’s Jeff Infinity Comic #35 (03/22/2024)
  • Spider-Man Unlimited Infinity Comic #29 (03/19/2024)
  • X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic (03/25/2024)

No legacy comics this week.

And now some quick hit reviews.

  • Captain America #4: This was the first issue of the book that I didn’t love; while the flashbacks have a lot of depth to them, the current day storyline is dragging and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere quickly. If Cap’s story was as good as Steve’s, this would be an easy A. Grade: B.
  • Punisher #2: While there have been other Punishers beside Frank Castle in the past, I think this book is different. Joe Garrison did dirty work for SHIELD and his family was killed for it. We follow Garrison as he tries to piece together why. The mystery of the book is a nice element for a title that’s typically known for violence. Book of the week: A-.
  • Spider-Gwen: Smash #1: Spider-Gwen is back in her normal universe where she’s trying to be the drummer for the Mary Janes, except Ghost Spider keeps getting pulled into action. They get their break when the Dazzler recruits the Mary Janes to open on her next tour. It’s a good introduction book to the character and setting up a fun story while using different versions of characters we know. Grade: B.
  • White Widow #2: For those that read DC books, this book reminds me a lot of Red Hood: The Hill. A borderline hero decides to move away from their ties to a hero and live a normal life. Someone is moving into the same town to take it over and/or harass those who live there. The difference between the books is this has some comedy in it, with Yelena being very direct with her neighbors, and this features a corporation trying to take over the town. It’s a fun book. Grade: B.

I’ll be back tomorrow with DC books and later in the week with a new reading order.

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