Who’s on Krakoa? A Look at Mutants in the Marvel Universe

Since the X-Men launched the Dawn of X titles, I’ve been wondering which mutants are on Krakoa; I’d either see someone in an old comic or see someone in a current comic that would remind me of another character. I’d go down rabbit holes checking out to see what happened to Anole or Rockslide. It got me to start a spreadsheet of what mutants have appeared in the DoX titles to keep track.

I read everything Marvel via the Marvel Unlimited App, so my list is current as of print books from March 11th. Tab one of the sheet is a list of mutants that are confirmed from the books, including people like Masque (in Arizona), Destiny (confirmed dead), and Monarch (Otherworld). I’ve included mutant name, real name, where they are, affiliations, and last appearance. Tab 2 contains the release order of books to reference.

Is anyone missing? Did I get something wrong? Leave a comment below and I’ll get it updated.

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