The Nerd Calendar: Movies and TV Shows

If you’ve read any of my posts, you know I live for nerd culture – TV, movies, music, etc. I also try to stay informed on what is coming out. Much to my family’s dismay, I’ve made a Google Calendar (that will be updated on a regular basis) with everything good coming out. Feel free to bookmark this post, or access it in the menu at the top of the site.

TBD Movies and TV

The following items are either announced without a date, or rumored to be coming out. I’ve listed if which platform these will be released on, if they are not theatrical releases. As they are confirmed with dates, I’ll move them to the calendar.

  • 2021
    • Hawkeye (Disney+)
    • Ms. Marvel (Disney+)
    • What If? (Disney+)
  • 2022
    • Baymax (Disney+)
    • Blade
    • Batgirl (HBOMAX)
    • Blue Beetle (HBOMAX)
    • Guardians Holiday Special (Disney +)
    • Moon Knight (Disney+)
    • Star Wars: Andor (Disney+)
    • Supergirl
    • Willow (Disney+)
  • 2023
    • Deadpool 3
    • Fantastic Four
    • Green Lantern Corps (HBOMAX)
  • TBD
    • Armor Wars (Disney+)
    • Captain America 4
    • Hourman
    • I Am Groot (Disney+)
    • Ironheart (Disney+)
    • Joker 2
    • Plastic (Wo)Man
    • Secret Invasion (Disney+)
    • She-Hulk (Disney+)
    • Star Wars: The Acolyte (Disney+)
    • Star Wars: A Droid Story (Disney+)
    • Star Wars: Lando (Disney+)
    • Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Disney+)
    • Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
    • Static Shock
    • Superman
    • Wonder Woman 3
    • Zatanna

Did I miss anything? If so, throw it in the comments.

2 thoughts on “The Nerd Calendar: Movies and TV Shows

  • Thank you for this calendar, it’s helpful! I keep all my nerdy things written in a paper calendar, but I miss stuff sometimes so I look online for backups. (:

  • Great article! I absolutely loved reading about the upcoming movies and TV shows included in The Nerd Calendar. As a movie enthusiast, it’s exciting to see such a comprehensive list in one place. The detailed descriptions and release dates make it easy to plan my geeky watchlist for the rest of the year. Thanks for putting this together, it’s an invaluable resource for any nerd like me. Keep up the fantastic work! – CinemaHDV2

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