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I’m a huge beer guy; in fact, I review them here and there. Below is the list of beers I’ve had (which isn’t complete, but always getting updated); I also try to get a bottle of each one I drink. This is more for my tracking purposes than anything, but enjoy looking and recommending stuff I haven’t had.

I’ve updated the table a little; I’ve added ABV and my ranking from Untappd. I’m in the process of updating it as much as possible; many beers I’ve tasted haven’t been logged in the app.

I’m on Untappd: wolverine0712

The Table Stats:
As Of: 03/12/2018
Total Drank: 1178
Newest 15: Missouri Beer Co Dark As Funk, Brooklyn Defender IPA, Evil Twin Ceci N’est Pas A, New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA, Mother’s Trop Top, Good News Black IPA, Good News IPA, Prairie Weisse, Evil Twin No Hero, Logboat Snapper with Pineapple, Sprecher Beyond Braggot, Goose Island BCBS Northwoods, Track 7 Unrelenting, Mark Twain Passport to Russia, Logboat Imperial March Imperial Stout.

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