The Best of 2020: Beer

2020 was generally a shitty year; Covid-19, race riots, Wonder Woman 1984, an election. Luckily, we could drink beer; according to Untappd, I tried 370 unique throughout the year. Here are the 100 best beers I had last year. Some were new versions of old beers; others had been out for a while but I had just gotten around to. All of them were pretty good.

14 Hands/SharedStreet SodieNEIPA6.50%5.00
2Side Project BrewingSaison du Fermier from Pinot Noir Puncheons (Blend 3)Saison7.00%5.00
3Epic BrewingBig Bad Baptist Vanilla Brandy BA Stout (Release 2)Imperial Stout12.70%5.00
4Narrow Gauge/Knotted RootWhispering SinNEDIPA8.20%5.00
5Off Color BrewingDino S’mores (2020)Imperial Stout10.50%5.00
6Good News BrewingMiniverseNE Pale Ale6.70%5.00
7Goose IslandBCBS (2020)Imperial Stout14.60%5.00
8Short Throw/Narrow GaugeDesk WorkImperial IPA8.00%5.00
9Oskar Blues BreweryBA Ten FIDYImperial Stout12.90%5.00
102nd ShiftRetro BrewPale Ale6.00%5.00
11Brasserie DupontSaison DupontSaison6.50%5.00
12Mother’s BrewingMaterfamilias (2020)Imperial Stout11.00%5.00
13Narrow Gauge BrewingMango Fruit TrainNEIPA7.00%5.00
14Off Color BrewingCoffee Dino S’moresImperial Stout10.50%5.00
15Toppling Goliath BrewingGalaxy Dry Hop Pseudo SuePale Ale5.80%5.00
16Founders BrewingKBS (2020)Imperial Stout12.00%5.00
17Narrow Gauge BrewingUp Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A BNEDIPA8.10%5.00
18Timber Ales/Narrow GaugeFallen Between the LinesIPA7.00%5.00
19Perennial Artisan AlesHurry On DaylightNEIPA6.20%5.00
202nd ShiftCoffee LSD (2020)Imperial Stout11.50%5.00
21Narrow Gauge BrewingDDH Hoppy MealPale Ale6.60%5.00
22DESTIHL BreweryDeadhead IPA Series: Drivin’ That HazeNEIPA7.00%5.00
23Great Divide BrewingYetiImperial Stout9.50%5.00
24Perennial Artisan AlesDrawing SightNEIPA6.20%5.00
25Springfield BrewingAlpha, Bravo, CharlieIPA6.20%5.00
26Uinta BrewingPeppermint PattyStout8.50%4.75
27Evil Twin BrewingEven More JesusImperial Stout12.00%4.75
28Modern BreweryUlysses Rye Barrel Aged 2017Imperial Stout10.40%4.75
29Narrow Gauge BrewingCloud CityNEIPA7.00%4.75
30Short Throw BrewingCop and GoIPA6.50%4.75
32Nyrdcast Home BrewBA Lemon Pepper SaisonSaison8.00%4.50
33Good News BrewingCanarinoSour IPA6.60%4.50
344 Hands/FinbackWhen the World StoppedDIPA8.00%4.50
35Big Muddy BrewingPeanut Butter CupStout6.00%4.50
36SharedBase WeightPorter7.00%4.50
37Heavy Riff BrewingHat DanceImperial Porter8.50%4.50
38Evil Twin BrewingImperial Biscotti BreakImperial Stout11.50%4.50
39Solace BrewingLucy JuicyDIPA8.00%4.50
40Maplewood BrewingJuice JortsPale Ale6.00%4.50
414 Hands BrewingBiggie SmallsImperial Stout10.50%4.50
42Short Throw BrewingPineapple SqueezeIPA7.00%4.50
43Heavy Riff BrewingDaisy GlazeNEIPA6.40%4.50
44Narrow Gauge BrewingKerinciImperial Stout12.00%4.50
45American SoleraI Wanna Talk About GalaxyIPA7.40%4.50
462nd ShiftDDH Little Big HopSession IPA4.90%4.50
47Narrow Gauge BrewingBlood Orange Fruit TrainNEIPA7.00%4.50
48Saugatuck BrewingThe G.O.A.T. (Greatest Oatmeal Stout of All Time)Stout6.80%4.50
49Hi-Wire Brewing10W-40Imperial Stout8.00%4.50
50Main & Mill BrewingWort and the 8 BitsSour6.00%4.50
51After Hours BrewingSaffron’s CurseSaison6.66%4.50
52The 5 BarrelGallery Night Traditional IPAIPA6.00%4.50
53Surly BrewingSabrotoothIPA6.70%4.50
54Saugatuck BrewingBourbon Barrel Aged Imperal Café BrownImperial Brown9.80%4.50
55Wild Onion BreweryDragoImperial Stout11.00%4.50
56Modern BreweryOops! All Citra…NEIPA7.00%4.50
57Crooked Stave Artisan BeerOriginsSour6.50%4.50
58Surly BrewingPeriscope Pale AlePale Ale5.50%4.50
59Perennial Artisan AlesSpare PartsNEIPA6.20%4.50
60Fat Orange CatAll the Kool Kats On the Back of the BusNEDIPA8.40%4.50
61Founders BrewingKBS EspressoImperial Stout12.00%4.50
624 Noses BrewingRevised CopyNEIPA7.20%4.50
63DESTIHL BreweryDeadhead IPA Series: Touch of HazeNEIPA7.30%4.50
64Center Ice BreweryRevolving Pale Ale 003Pale Ale5.20%4.50
65Wild Onion BreweryMisfit IPAIPA6.50%4.50
662nd ShiftWanna BeePale Ale6.90%4.50
67Exit 6 BreweryWhat Else Can HappenIPA7.10%4.25
68Nyrdcast Home BrewNew Asgardian Pale AlePale Ale6.50%4.25
69Modern BreweryFor the GrahamStout6.40%4.25
70Surly BrewingGarden VarietyBerliner Weisse8.90%4.25
71Pipeworks BrewingLizard KingPale Ale6.00%4.25
72BrewDogElvis JuiceIPA6.50%4.25
73SharedNot My FortePale Ale5.70%4.25
74Surly BrewingRocket SurgeryNEIPA5.50%4.25
75Nyrdcast Home BrewIdentity Crisis AleFarmhouse IPA5.78%4.25
76Nightmare BrewingDrawn & QuarteredImperial IPA10.00%4.25
77Good News BrewingAmerican IPAIPA6.30%4.25
78Melvin BrewingFrothy EmbraceIPA6.00%4.25
79BrewDogClockwork TangerineSession IPA4.50%4.25
80Modern BreweryParty SuppliesNE Pale Ale5.50%4.25
81Fat Orange CatI Don’t Like MondaysNEIPA7.50%4.25
82Idyll Hounds BrewingDivide and Conch’rImperial IPA8.00%4.25
832nd ShiftConjunctivitis AleNEIPA5.00%4.25
84Aslin Beer CoHoneymoon PajamasDIPA8.50%4.00
85Pipeworks BrewingGot Ya CoveredImperial Stout10.50%4.00
86Jester King BreweryNoble KingSaison5.90%4.00
87Hi-Wire BrewingHorchata 10W-40Imperial Stout8.00%4.00
883 Stars BrewingTechnicolor LifeDIPA8.00%4.00
89The Veil BrewingBourbon County Sleeping Forever (2019)Imperial Stout13.00%4.00
90SchlaflyWintry Haze IPAIPA6.00%4.00
912nd ShiftBlack is BeautifulImperial Stout10.00%4.00
92Mother’s BrewingThree Blind MiceBrown Ale5.50%4.00
93Exit 6 BreweryTime TravelerDIPA8.50%4.00
94Millpond BrewingVirtual Double SmashPale Ale5.90%4.00
95New Realm BrewingEl JuicycabraDIPA9.00%4.00
96Perennial Artisan AlesVacation DadBlonde Ale4.70%4.00
97Mother’s BrewingS’more Power to YouImperial Stout11.00%4.00
98Off Color BrewingAqua PredatorSaison6.50%4.00
99Petrichor BrewingMidwest ValuesSaison7.00%4.00
100Heavy Riff BrewingDisco ApocalypseNEIPA5.70%4.00

Honorable Mentions: Toppling Goliath Dorothy’s New World Lager, Prairie Artisan Ales All Y’all (Double IPA), Pipeworks Blood of the Unicorn (Red Ale), 2nd Shift Dark Divide (Stout), Goose Island BCBS Carmella (Wheat Wine), Sun King Grapefruit Jungle (IPA), Center Ice Bubble Hockey Double IPA, Missouri Beer Co Idaho 7 Smash IPA, Pensacola Bay Little Napoleon IPA, Logboat Yeah Buoy (IPL).

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