Perennial Artisan Ales Puts Then You Roast The Mallow Up For Random Drawing Via Oznr Until 9/28


Perennial Artisan Ales Puts Then You Roast The Mallow Up For Random Drawing Via Oznr

Perennial Artisan Ales is releasing Then You Roast The Mallow through a random drawing!

Then You Roast the Mallow is an ode to everyone’s favorite fall campfire snack. We selected some stout from a variety of our favorite bourbon producers, and after an 18-19 month slumber in oak racked it onto copious amounts of graham crackers, cocoa nibs, and a ludicrous amount of marshmallow. Big notes of crème brûlée, chocolate frosting and a slight spice from the graham.

ABV 13.4%

*Contains lactose

Perennial Artisan Ales BA Then Your Roast The Mallow

The window to enter will run today through 9/28 at 2PM, pick up 9/28-10/11 during normal business hours (Wed-Thur 4-10PM, Fri 2-11PM Sat 12-11PM, Sun 12-6PM) at the brewery. Winners will be notified on 9/28 by 3PM via email receipt, and your bank account will be charged. 

Non-winners will not receive a notification. 

Entries are limited to one per person. You will be asked for credit card information at entry.  Bottles are $50 for Colourant plus Oznr fees. If drawn, your card will be automatically charged and your bottle will be in your Oznr account.  Winning bottles left unclaimed on 10/12 will be forfeited without refund, so please be sure you are able to claim your bottle within the window before entering. We are unable to refund winning entries. Proxies are allowed and assigned upon winning, proxy assignment information is below. 

Access your Oznr account in 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the app: Oznr on iOS/Android
  2. Create an account (or sign in with your existing account) using your email address
  3. That’s it! Please make sure to check “Orders” to ensure the bottle has been applied to your account and access any offers currently available for pick up.

Proxies are allowed and can be assigned upon winning via Oznr by entering your proxy’s name and email address. If you choose to assign a proxy, they must be assigned for each bottle they will be picking up. Proxies can pick up for a maximum of 5 additional people (not including their own bottles). Please do not assign a proxy until you are certain that you will not be picking up your bottle, as this transfers rights to them and away from you. 

Then You Roast The Mallow draft will be available Thursday 9/28 at 4PM until sold out. 

Please send an email to with any questions. 

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