The Nyrdcast Podcast 178: All These Vikings


The Nyrdcast Podcast, always looking for hubcaps.

A big Star Wars episode this week.  Matt and Jay catch up and talk a little St. Louis sports.  They then jump into Ahsoka, reviewing the series and where it fits into Star Wars going forward.  They break down Thrawn’s appearances and look at him as the big bad of the Star Wars universe for now.  They also look at where Star Wars goes after this period.  The finish the episode with some homework, including Red State, Trainspotting, Reptile, Halloween movies, All Star Superman, and Black Hammer.

This week’s featured beer is American Brown from Civil Life Brewing.

This week’s featured song is “Anyone But You” by Nervous Kids.  You can find them at: Instagram | Tiktok

The intro music was The Mad Dog Remix of The Other Side by the Red Hot Chili Peppers; it was created by Madelyn Tierney.

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