Bay Area Emo / Post-Hardcore Outfit THE CRUELTY Releases Debut Single “Hand In Hand” Ahead of 2024 Album


Bay Area Emo / Post-Hardcore Outfit The Cruelty Releases Debut Single “Hand In Hand”

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The Cruelty is a eclectic emotional post-hardcore outfit hailing from the Bay Area, CA. Taking influence from a myriad of 2000’s rock bands, you’ll find snippets of At The Drive In, Armor For Sleep, Mineral, and Pianos Become The Teeth weaved throughout the forthcoming single, “Hand In Hand.”

The Cruelty single cover

While the band has released a fodder-fit demo to date, over the last year they have buckled down to hone their sound and identity – “Hand In Hand” being the first example of that work. With the new single set for release on September 30, 23, the band hopes to play live in support of the new track as well as get back into the studio to finish a full record to be released in 2024.

Co-vocalist/bassist Jeff Wright says, “Hand In Hand is a direct observation from a darker time in (bandmate) Cody’s life – shrouded in possibly one too many visits to the local dive bar. Written from watching a houseless person from afar while they had a breakdown – they quite literally dropped a Safeway cake on the hot pavement and ate it off the ground. After seeing that go down and meeting them, it was a reminder that when all things seem lost, sometimes all it takes is someone to lend a hand and guide you out of the dark.”

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Written by The Cruelty
Tracked and Mixed at Nu Tone Studios + Scott’s Place by Scott Goodrich (The Story So Far, Culture Abuse, Broadway Calls)
Mastered by Alberto De Icaza (Megan Thee Stallion, High On Fire, Clutch, Big KRIT)

The Cruelty

Cody: Vocals + Guitar (Wolfking, The Most Sad)
Cole: Vocals + Drums
Jeff: Vocals + Bass (The American Scene, Unconditional Arms, Culture Spy)
Jacob: Vocals + Guitar


  • Don’t you ever get tired?
  • Everything’s a crisis.
  • The worst situation, manufactured panic
  • Planned –
  • and completely out hand.
  • Elated.
  • I go to sleep without my mind.
  • Elated.
  • ‘Cause you’re easy on the eyes.
  • Hand in hand, foot in mouth.
  • Should have laughed, but suffered ‘stead.
  • Beg for change, and changing ways.
  • Got a cake and dropped it twice.
  • Then ate it off the ground.
  • Head in your hands, you scream and shout.
  • I got tangled in your hair
  • and I drowned within your eyes
  • Head in your hands, you scream and shout.
  • Hand in hand, foot in mouth.

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