Sony Music Canada Artist LAYE Succumbs To Kryptonite On “you’re my achilles heel”

A creator of doom-and-gloom alt-pop, she made her 2019 debut with lonesome and since then has continued to ascend as an enthralling voice of gothic allure. Her latest single serves as another bleak dive into the depths of her stygian heart — although this time laye refuses to be the only one suffering.” – Grimy Goods

Leaning into the alt space and further cementing her place as an alt princess, laye is destined for greatness. Her raw emotion and anger shine through in this breakup track for the ages.” – Incoming & Outgoing Magazine

Her cohesive and striking visuals and Amy Winehouse-esque aesthetics set her apart, and seeing her face plastered on billboards leaves no doubt that she has the commanding presence of a rising star.” – Ones To Watch


Sony Music Canada Artist
succumbs to kryptonite on 
you’re my achilles heel

announces losers EP out September 22

AUGUST 28, 2023 — Singer-songwriter laye returns with her newest release and accompanying visualizer for “you’re my achilles heel” (LISTEN and WATCH). “you’re my achilles heel” previews her forthcoming sophomore EP losers set for release on September 22, 2023 via Sony Music Canada.

Co-written with Gray Hawken (Jack Harlow, Alessia Cara) and Rachel West (Young Thug, Machine Gun Kelly, WILLOW), the track is a lush, atmospheric and moody indie anthem, exploring the tension that exists when you love someone who’s toxic. The single continues laye’s foray into the darker aspects of indie pop.

laye - you're my achilles heel (Visualizer)
laye – “you’re my achilles heel”

This song is a special one to me. It’s a lullaby but it’s also another soft little rager that fits with the rest of the music on my EP. I think it kind of touches on the extremities of an all-consuming love. ‘you’re my achilles heel’ is a love song but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a healthy one. In a way, I think it’s a good prelude to all the heartbreak songs on this project.” – laye


Photo credit: Sarah Pardini

“you’re my achilles heel” lyrics
you are my kryptonite
get a little bit lonely when we say goodnight lie awake and picture you dreaming
next to me you’re peacefully sleeping
you are my lullaby

you get me right where it hurts straight to the heart
you’re dangerous with your words that’s the best part

but still it’s no big deal you’re my achilles heel

ooh ooh ooh achilles ooh ooh ooh achilles

you are my lexapro
you’re the bottle i reach for when i lose control torture me but nothing comes easy
you can close the door but don’t leave me
you are my life support

you get me right where it hurts straight to the heart
you’re dangerous with your words that’s the best part

but still it’s no big deal you’re my achilles heel

cause you’re the parachute when im free falling give it everything i have im all in
im medusa, turn em all to stone
then you come calm me down

i wanna wake up next to you each morning
aphrodite got my whole heart soaring
on the days that aren’t a dream you come and make it so serene

but still it’s no big deal you’re my achilles heel achilles

you pull the tears out of me
you bleed me out when i’m weak but still it’s no big deal
you’re my achilles heel

laye’s last release “Unhappier” was called “alt-pop gold” by The Honey Pop and landed NMF features in France, Canada, Sweden, Poland, and Iceland, a look on the Spotify Canada digital billboard, and covers on Spotify’s All New Rock and Amazon Music’s Fresh Pop playlists. laye has also been selected as one of Spotify RADAR Canada’s September flagship artists.

Previous EP singles “touching myself” and “blue” have also been praised by the press. “touching myself” was called “a captivating piece of alt-pop” by Zone Nights and Ones to Watch noted “the release established her as…an edgy, alternative-tinged pop artist to watch.” “touching myself” landed NMF features in the US, Canada, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Maghreb, a look on the Spotify Canada digital billboard, and back-to-back covers on Spotify’s SALT and It’s A Bop playlists. 

When laye released “blue” earlier this year, Clout hailed how much she’s flourished since her last release: “laye has established herself time and time again as an artist with a signature spark and edge, and this is a track that shows off a wide range of her unique talents.”

laye single cover
“you’re my achilles heel” single artwork

losers EP Tracklisting:

  1. “I saw god”
  2. you’re my achilles heel
  3. “sunday scaries”
  4. touching myself
  5. “my last cigarette”
  6. blue
  7. Unhappier
  8. “backseat driver”  

Montreal-born and raised singer/songwriter laye first floated onto the scene and released four tracks in 2018. laye’s sultry, alt-flavored pop and gothic aesthetic guided her 2019 debut album lonesome, which was created over the course of four years with a slew of legendary pop and hip-hop producers, including Lauren Christy (Dua Lipa, Avril Lavigne), Federico Vindver (Jennifer Lopez, Lauryn Hill, G-Eazy, A$AP Rocky), Alex Hope (Troye Sivan), Pomo (Mac Miller, Anderson.Paak), FNZ (Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign, Megan Thee Stallion). In 2022, laye returned with her release “I Could Die,” setting the stage for her new music released throughout 2023. 

As a singer and songwriter, laye is coming into her own and exploring the next chapter of her evolution as an artist. With over 20M global audio & video streams to date, and features in FASHION and PAPER Mag, laye is one of our most exciting young pop artists, pursuing a vision all her own while creating beautiful, dystopian pop gems. 

laye’s new single “you’re my achilles heel” is out now. Her sophomore EP – losers – will be released on September 22, 2023 via Sony Music Canada.

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