THE MIKE BELL CARTEL to Release Debut Album ‘The Cartel & I’ October 21

THE MIKE BELL CARTEL to Release Debut Album ‘The Cartel & I’ October 21

The Helsinki, Finland-based Mike Bell Cartel’s debut album “The Cartel & I” brings out all the best things about 60’s garage rock and pop: guitars chime, the fuzz-box growls, Farfisa howls and the vocal harmonies echo just like the best records of the era. 

The band’s stylish sound was captured on tape at Timmion Studio in Helsinki and mixed to authentic perfection by Liam Watson of Toe Rag Studios, known for his work with Tame Impala, Billy Childish, Supergrass, Madness and The White Stripes among others. 

The band consists of long-time members of the musical underbelly of Helsinki: Miikka Siira aka Mike Bell (Mike Bell & The Belltones), Pekka Laine (The Hypnomen), Ville Särmä (John’s Children), Samuel Abaijón (The Valkyrians) and Aapee Heinola (Hard Action). Here they come together to bring forth possibly the most melodic, energetic and moody garage of the 2020’s.  

“The Mike Bell Cartel makes music that could be from California in 1966 in terms of composition, production, and arrangements.  All the songs except the title track are written by Siira.  The year is important.  In 1967, hippie culture and psychedelia began.  At the same time, time drove past the original garage rock.  ‘The Cartel & I’ is comma-precise in its sound and arrangements so that this odor gap is not exceeded.  Guitarist Pekka Laine’s riffs take turns in the spirit of the Rolling Stones’ early white rhythm ’n’ blues, alternately ringing pop like Love or The Byrds.  If this record had been released 20 years ago, it would have been found in the record store behind the same garage rock splash as the White Stripes records were found.” – 

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