JAY ME LLAMAN’s 13-Track Debut Album ‘At Least I Tried’ Out Now


JAY ME LLAMAN releases his debut album, «AT LEAST I TRIED»

Jay Me Llaman

JAY ME LLAMAN finally releases his debut album «AT LEAST I TRIED», an album that delicately mixes pop, R&B, and dance music with a very careful electronic production. It is a conceptual work of 13 themes that investigates the different stages of a relationship, from its beginning to its end.

Preceded by the singles “CAN’T BUY ME LOVE” and “KEEP ON DANCING“, the track “I TRIED, I TRIED, I TRIED” evokes Drake to “dance crying” with a percussive base that keeps you vibrating to throughout your 5 minutes. In this song JAY even dares to leave his comfort zone with a Spanish ending.

The album «AT LEAST I TRIED» is now available on all digital platforms:

Born in Badajoz, JAY ME LLAMAN is an R&B/Pop artist with a long history in the music industry. After an introductory training in guitar and piano, he began to compose and perform his music in 2012. In recent years, he has also remained very active on the concert circuit in Madrid and Extremadura, DJing at various LGTBIQ+ friendly parties in Madrid and appearing in various contests on the music scene such as LaRemovida from RTVE.

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