SETTLE YOUR SCORES’ 2016 Fan Favorite LP ‘The Wilderness’ Available on Vinyl For The First Time


SETTLE YOUR SCORES’ 2016 Fan Favorite LP ‘The Wilderness’ Available on Vinyl For The First Time Ever

Limited Edition Pressing of 500 copies, Across Two Unique Color Variants

Pre-Order Here

“What is it about the Midwest that generates pop-punk prodigies? Cincinnati’s Settle Your Scores are a perfect representation of the phenomenon with their catchy riffs and added metalcore flair.”- Alternative Press

Settle Your Scores
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“A sunshine-stained slab of old-school pop-punk goodness. ‘Retrofit‘ finds the band paying a reinvigorated homage to the roots of pop-punk…bright, breezy and buoyant in all of the most wonderful ways. It shows off another side to the band’s influences whilst also allowing their slick and insatiable songwriting to shine loud and clear.”- Rock Sound

Cincinnati, OH pop-punks Settle Your Scores and Mutant League Records will release the band’s beloved 2016 LP ‘The Wilderness’ on 12″ vinyl for the first time ever, in a limited edition pressing of 500 copies, across two unique color variants.

Originally released on January 23, 2016, “The Wilderness” features 12 tracks that showcase Settle Your Scores’ signature sound: catchy melodies amidst breakdowns and hard-hitting guitar riffs. The album was well-received by fans and critics alike and has since become a fan-favorite in the pop-punk community.

“The Wilderness” on vinyl is available for pre-order now at:

250 copies – Rainbow Splatter
250 copies – Green with Black Splatter

Settle Your Scores is:
Christian Fisher – Vocals
Ricky Uhlenbrock – Guitar/Vocals
Patrick Bryant – Guitar
Jeffrey Borer – Bass/Vocals
Caleb Smith – Drums/Percussion

Settle Your Scores album details

Track Listing:
1. Just Because You Shot Jesse James, Don’t Make You Jesse James
2. Poster Boys for Bad Luck
3. Life: A Fate Worse Than Death
4. Behind the Scene/Nothing Without You
5. Worst Intentions (You Had ‘Em)
6. Cashing Your Reality Check
7. If Loose Lips Sink Ships, Then You’re the Titanic
8. Friend or Faux?
9. Anti-Social Butterfly
10. There’s No ‘I’ In Family
11. Underachiever of the Year
12. How to Screw Up Your Future and Disappoint Your Loved Ones  

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