HUEMEN Strive For Royalty With New Dynamic EP ‘KING’ Out May 9; Title Track Out Now


Strive For Royalty With New EP

Out May 9 via CEREBRAL/Eternal Music Group

Title Track Out Now

MARCH 10, 2023 (Los Angeles, CA) – Today, rap group HueMen  proudly announce their official debut with the dynamic EP, KING (Out May 9via CEREBRAL/Eternal Music Group, pre-save here). In addition, the title track (“King”) is out today and it’s a blast of energy that addresses our collective need to recognize self worth, acknowledging the royalty within and claiming the inner kingship that  we all deserve. With its industrial tinged synths, 808s, pounding percussion, and truly urgent vocal delivery from Rico NFinity, it serves up a memorable introduction to the world of HueMen.

HueMen “King”

“This song was an outward expression of what’s been in me. Kingly mindset. King Talk,” says NFinity about the track. “This wasn’t me claiming I need a crown as of yet, this was vocal royalty. I looked deep within myself. This is why in the first verse I started with ‘If I think it, I can have it, if I dream it I can grab it, nothing is stopping me.’ This was a sink or swim record. I also wanted to inspire the King in others, when they’re saying these lyrics, they’re empowering themselves. King is a mentality, not just a position of power. The king comes before the crown.”  


Thematically maintaining a motif of resistance toward the status quo, the EP’s five tracks  are a call to arms, voicing a determination to fight the opposition as an unstoppable collective force. The high-velocity trap banger “Put Me In,” is all about overcoming odds and wanting to prove oneself, with keys, brass, and cymbals crashing and coalescing around Rico NFinity’s breakneck flow. There’s also  the melodic rumination running through “Front Line,” with its hook delivered by YXSH, who later trades bars of braggadocio with Rico NFinite on the closing track “Powered Up.”

“The recording process for the EP was actually pretty intense,” continues NFinity. “I remember one time being in the studio and realizing that I’d been in there for 31 hours. YXSH ended up leaving me to work Pro Tools alone at one point, which I had never used before. I know he was probably tired of getting Facetimes from me, asking question after question.

“I had to work through the mystery of not being confident in recording myself, but at the same time remain free enough and confident to create. I’ve always been the artist that’s comfortable just working with my engineer. But it inspired me to learn quickly. Now, when YXSH was in the studio, for the most part it was a vibe. No delay, no breaks, just work.”

A rotating group of MCs, producers, and songwriters, HueMen is a collective of friends who forged creative connections during the pandemic lockdown. The members of HueMen didn’t realize just how much they needed a creative outlet during such uncertain and volatile times: facing the health crisis of COVID,  the accumulating cases of blatant police brutality, and ongoing reveal of the systemic racism embedded in the nation’s fabric. Once the seed was planted for everyone in the group to create together, ideas for music came thick and fast, and the project took on a life of its own.  

HueMen 'King'
HueMen – KING

HueMen – KING

Put Me In
Brand New
Front Line
Powered Up

“The group formed organically,” says YXSH about the group’s origins. “We had one goal in mind: to show people the new way things could be done with brilliant musical minds that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to be heard. Once a few songs were in the chamber, we knew we could begin raising the bar with what we have.”

“We’ll be riding this thing till the wheels fall off,” concludes NFinity. “And when the wheels fall, we grind till the brakes fall off. By then, it’ll be time to buy new cars and repeat. We work, we inspire. The plan is to put out music in such a way that our dreams chase us, rather than us chasing the dream. There’s a lot in the works now that I can’t speak on yet, but just know: we coming.”

KING by HueMen will be released on May 9, 2023, via CEREBRAL/Eternal Music Group. You can pre-save the EP here. The title track “King” is out now.

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