Punk Rock Supergroup FIRE SALE Is Releasing New 2-Song Single “The Albatross” On February 9


Punk rock supergroup Fire Sale, comprised of Matt Riddle (Face to Face and No Use For A Name), Chris Swinney (The Ataris), Pedro Aida (Ann Beretta), Matt Morris and Brad Edwards Is Releasing New 2-Song Single “The Albatross” on February 9

Mixed at The Blasting Room and featuring hand-painted art by Mark DeSalvo (NOFX, Lagwagon)

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Fire Sale single cover

Fire Sale is a punk rock supergroup composed of former members of Face to Face, No Use For A Name, and The Ataris. Their newest 2-song Single “The Albatross” was mixed at The Blasting Room (owned by The Descendents) and has hand-painted art by Mark DeSalvo (NOFX, Lagwagon).

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“The Albatross” starts with an intricate bass line that builds momentum into galloping pop-punk drums and the gang vocals that Fire Sale has become known for. Lyrics delve into the difficult issue of gun violence and scream for a change.

Singer Pedro Aida says, “The Albatross is about the frustrating and hopeless feeling we have when we send our children to school and the worry of bullying, bad grades, and drug use have been overshadowed by the fear that they won’t come home at all.”

Fire Sale

Guitarist Chris Swinney adds, “The Albatross is a song that we have been trying to write since the beginning of the band. If you grew up listening to anything on Fat or Epitaph…it is a huge nostalgic slap in the face.”

B-Side “I Remember Damage” feature melodic vocals that ride the wave of driving power chords and a lead guitar riff that dances all over the fretboard.

Band Highlights:

  • Punk supergroup (former members of Face to Face, No Use For A Name, The Ataris).
  • Released “A Fool’s Errand” Single in 2022 on Negative Progression Records
  • “A Fool’s Errand” and “We Dance For Sorrow” on rotation on SiriusXM Faction Punk
  • Released “Dark Hearts” Single in 2021 on SBAM Records (Europe)
  • Videos released for “A Fool’s Errand” and “We Dance For Sorrow” through BlankTV (750,000 subscribers)
  • Prior single “A Fool’s Errand” featured on Apple Music editorial playlist “Rise and Grind
  • ”Prior single “We Dance For Sorrow” on prominent Spotify “Punk Rock-23punk” playlist

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