The 2020 Cardinals Off-Season Salary Matrix

Today starts the beginning of 2020-21 Free Agency. The Cardinals have 4 free agents: Brad Miller, Yadier Molina, Adam Wainwright, and Matt Wieters. They also have to decide today if they execute the club option on Kolten Wong; he’ll either make $12.5M or enter free agency.

The team also currently has 41 players on the 40-man roster (45 with the 4 mentioned above, and including those on the 60-day IL that will be added back into the mix). They will have to shed a few players to either add players or bring back Molina and/or Wainwright.

Below is the current salary matrix; I left 2020 on their with the full season salary for each player (I didn’t want to attempt to prorate it for the shortened season). The second tab includes notes on the current contracts – option details, no trade clauses, incentives, etc. As always, this will be updated through out the off-season, so bookmark this page as roster moves are made.

There is talk that they payroll for next year could go down. They won’t have much wiggle room, especially if they re-sign Molina and Wainwright. That means they’ll have to be creative to add an impact bat (or 2) to go with Paul Goldschmidt.

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