Beer Review: Urban Chestnut #6 Classic American Lager

I’m not the biggest Urban Chestnut fan (they make good beer, just not my styles), but when I saw they were making an American Lager to celebrate Stan Musial’s 100th birthday, I knew I had to try it.

ABV: 4.50%
IBU: 11
Style: Lager – American
Brewery Description: It’s been 100 years since Stan the Man was born, and The Musial Family, along with Urban Chestnut, is honoring and celebrating Stan with a special, commemorative beer – #6 Classic American Lager. Stan very much enjoyed a little beer from time to time so UCBC brewed this Lager beer with a recipe that pre-dated Prohibition and is classically St. Louis.

Purchased as a 4 pack from a grocery store; this can be found almost anywhere in the STL area. The brewery does have it available to go as well.. Poured into a standard pint glass.

Appearance: The beer poured a very clear golden color with thick white head. There was a decent amount of retention and lasting lacing on the glass.

Smell: It smelled malty with minor floral hops, like most American Lagers. There were also hints of grass and corn.

Taste: It’s definitely a lager. The malt is front and center, with biscuit and rice. Also hints of caramel. Not much hop taste, which is expected for the style.

Mouth: It’s a very clean beer. There is more body than your macro lagers with the same light bitterness. The carbonation is moderate.

Overall: It’s a solid beer that’s a great alternative to macro lagers. It’s a perfect mowing beer or something to grab at the stadium while catching a game (if that happens again, and it Busch Stadium will carry it). I’ll be having a couple while celebrating the Cardinals opener.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5. Lagers are not my preferred style, but I’ve picked this up numerous times. According to BeerAdvocate, the beer scores a 72 (out of 100), with an average ranking of 3.78 out of 5. Untappd ranks it at 3.70 out of 5.

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