Beer Review: Immortal Beloved Hefeweizen

I recently was able to pick up a six pack of Immortal Beloved, a Hefeweizen by Cerveceria Mexicana S.A. de C.V. in Mexico.  The beer is available year-round and has an ABV of 5.50%.

Offering: 12 oz bottle poured into a pint glass.

Appearance: Poured into a standard pint glass, the beer appeared to be a hazy orange.  There was about a half an inch of off-white head.  There was little retention of head and very little lacing.

Smell: The beer had a heavy banana smell, with a hint of citrus; this is probably due to the yeast.  There are also hints of wheat and clove, but they lack for the style of beer.  No hop smells were present.  Since the banana overpowered everything, it wasn’t that appealing.

Taste: Like the smell, the banana taste is primary; it overshadows the wheat and citrus taste that the style normally has.  There are hints of corn, which reminds me of a big-brewery attempt at a wheat (Bud Light Wheat anyone).  The spices and citrus hints from the smell are there as well, but lacking.  There was also very little hop taste, which I like in my beer.

Mouth: The beer is medium bodied with mild carbonation.  The aftertaste is sweet and dry, which makes it seem pretty clean.  Probably the best, and most surprising, part of the beer.

Overall: I wasn’t impressed with the beer.  It’s probably middle of the road for a Hefe style beer and something that I probably wouldn’t purchase again; the banana aroma and taste are too much for me.  I also like a little more hop taste, which I didn’t get from this beer.

The Beer Advocate score is 76 OK; no score from the Bros.

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