Beer Review: Six Row 105.7 The Point 21st Birthday Brew

While checking out a local liquor store, I found the retired 105.7 The Point 21st Birthday Brew from Six Row Brewing. The brewery recently shut down, but is looking to re-open in a new location. I took a chance on this beer, as it’s over a year old (but I listen to the Point almost every day; Six Row has done collaborations with local radio stations). Was it worth picking up at this point?

Style: American Dark Wheat Ale
ABV: 5.00%
Offering: 22 oz Bomber

Appearance: The beer poured a dark brown in the pint glass, which surprised me since I was expecting a typical wheat beer. There was a good 2 fingers of cream colored head. There was little retention and a small amount of lacing.

Smell: I primarily got the sweet malt smell along with wheat; there were also traces of the pale malt. The smell wasn’t bad overall.

Taste: Here’s the issue; the beer didn’t hold up. It was like they were trying to mix sweet and sour in a wheat beer. After that, it was pretty bland.

Mouth: Again, bland. Nothing really stood out about the feel of the beer.

Overall: Disappoint in this one. I would hope that it was better when it came out and just aged badly. It’s sad since the KSHE beers were pretty good. I will say I drank the whole bomber and it wasn’t sent down the drain. This is middle of the road (and I’d probably still drink it over a Bud Light).

The Beer Advocate score is N/A, as there have only been 6 ratings; no score from the Bros either. (It also wouldn’t let me rank it since the beer is retired and the brewery is closed)

The Untappd app has 229 ratings with an average of 3.18.

My Score: 2.5 out of 5

(The new scoring…an empty pint glass is a good thing. The more full glasses, the worse the beer is.)

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