The 2018 United Cardinal Blogger Awards

Each year, the United Cardinal Bloggers post their awards for the public to vote on. We vote on players, games, and bloggers for what they did during the season. Here is my ballot.

Public vote is here.

#1 Player of the Year

My Vote: While Molina and Martinez had moments, it was the second half surge of Carpenter that led to the Cardinals potential contention this season. Yeah, he started slow and ended rough, but there was a good month where no one could touch him.

#2 Pitcher of the Year

My Vote: Flaherty had a great full season, but tired at the end of the season. Hicks made a great debut, but being a bullpen arm limited his impact. The easy choice was Mikolas; he ended up 6th in Cy Young voting this year and had the highest WAR on the pitching staff.

#3 Game of the Year (Non-Walkoff Division)

My Vote: Any time a a hitter crushes the Cubs, Cardinal fans take notice. Carpenter’s July 20th game was the start of his awesome run that made him the Most Valuable Hitter of the Cardinals. The first Shildt game was good and Wainwright looking like old school Waino was awesome, but it’s hard to compare to Carp’s game.

#4 Game of the Year (Walkoff Division)

My Vote: May 6 vs Cubs. Back to back walk off wins against the favorite in the division; you feel good after the first but the second completely tops it.

#5 Surprise Player of the Year

My Vote: Mikolas. There were good reports coming out of Japan of his improved stuff, but I don’t think anyone saw him coming like he did. Like I already mentioned, he finished 6th in the Cy Young voting.

#6 Disappointing Player of the Year

My Vote: It would have to be Holland, although I don’t think he’s to blame. He was the guy everyone wanted during the off-season, but they rushed him to the Majors after missing all of Spring Training. The Nationals saw the real version of the pitcher.

#7 Rookie of the Year

  • Harrison Bader
  • Jack Flaherty
  • Jordan Hicks
  • Yairo Munoz
  • Tyler O’Neill

My Vote: Bader had amazing defense, but I think Flaherty gets the honors here. He was easily the #2 starter for the club, even when fading down the stretch. He’s got a special future ahead of him.

#8 Acquisition of the Year

  • Miles Mikolas
  • Yairo Munoz
  • Bud Norris
  • Marcell Ozuna
  • Chasen Shreve

My Vote: Mikolas should win any award he’s nominated for in these awards. He signed a very affordable deal and was probably the best value player for the team.

#9 Most Anticipated Cardinal

My Vote: Prior to the draft, Helsley would have been the pick; but drafting Gorman and the amazing start to his career shot him up the team prospect ranking. He’ll easily be in the top 10 of my list.

#10 Individual Blog of the Year (blog written by mainly one person)

My Vote: While I read C70 often, I really like the content of RetroSimba. I love baseball history and the Cardinals, so it was fun read about the team before I started following it.

#11 Team Blog of the Year (blog written by multiple writers)

My Vote: Viva El Birdos is probably my favorite Cardinal blog out there. It’s smart and funny and everything I look for in writing.

#12 Best Media Coverage

  • Derrick Goold
  • Benjamin Hochman
  • Jenifer Langosch
  • Bernie Miklasz
  • Rob Rains
  • Mark Saxon
  • Joe Trezza

My Vote: Goold is probably the smartest writer in St. Louis and possibly baseball. He’s a good mixture of stats and scouting.

#13 Post of the Year

My Vote: Swope’s Red Tribute was one of my favorite baseball articles I read this past season. I highly recommend it.

#14 Best UCB Podcast

  • 11th Inning Stretch
  • Bird Law
  • Bird Seeds (video)
  • Cardinals Nation 24/7
  • Gateway to Baseball Heaven
  • Meet Me at Musial
  • Prospect to be Named Later

My Vote: Unfortunately for those listed, I only listen to one of these podcasts: Meet Me at Musial. Not only is it Cardinals related, they also have Star Wars podcasts.

#15 Best Non-UCB Podcast

  • 243 Podcast
  • Best Podcast in Baseball
  • Cubs Cards Cast
  • Seeing Red
  • Scoops with Danny Mac
  • St. Louis Cardinals Extras (
  • Team of Rivals Podcast
  • Two Birds on a Bat
  • Viva El Birdos

My Vote: Again, the only one I listen to here is the St. Louis Cardinals Extras.

#16 Best Podcaster

My Vote: Since my Cardinal podcasting is limited, I’m going with Daniel Shoptaw.

#17 Best Fan/Media Hybrid

  • Dan Buffa
  • Jeff Jones
  • Brenden Schaeffer
  • Joe Schwarz

My Vote: I love me some Buffa. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he’s very passionate about STL sports.

#18 Best Social Media Game

  • #bombsaway
  • The Cardinal Six

My Vote: The Cardinals Six

Don’t forget to vote. Unfortunately the cut off is today, so do it quickly.

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