Beer Releases: Dogfish Head, New Holland, Oskar Blues, Schlafly

Here are another group of beer release calendars for 2018.

Dogfish Head

There’s a bit to be excited about here. Lupu-Luau IPA is something I’m interested in trying; it wasn’t released last year (at least in Missouri). I’ve liked their other year-round IPAs, so it’s probably right up my alley. Bitches Brew is back and I’ve wanted to try it for years; it was featured on an episode of the DFH TV show that aired years ago. Also, 2 batched of 120 Minute IPA; it’s a little pricey for me, but I’m willing to splurge for a bottle here and there.

I noticed World Wide Stout isn’t listed; I’m guessing that might end up in the bottom section that doesn’t have any beers added. I’ve sent an email to the brewery to find out.

New Holland Brewing

Unfortunately, when I’m looking for new beer to try, New Holland is often forgotten; it’s a shame since they have a lot of good offerings. The big news is the launch of Tangerine Space Machine NE IPA; according to the brewery, this was their biggest seller in Crowlers. It’ll be out first quarter of this year.

The other news is they are offering many of their beers in can and bottle format.

It does look like they got rid of Monkey King Saison; I really liked that beer, but based off the calendar, they are going with different options this year.

Oskar Blue

Nothing really out of the ordinary here. I’m looking forward to trying Fugli and BA Ten Fidy is incredible. It’s worth noting the dates of their contests as well.

Schlafly – The St. Louis Brewery

It’s pretty much the standard releases with the new Cellar and Ibex stuff mixed in. It’s worth noting that the IPA they have out right now (Schlafly IPA) is their Expo IPA from last year. They are introducing Northeast IPA and a Double IPA this year.

The Ibex series has been really good and I’m looking forward to the new offerings. The BA Imperial Stout, Sour Blonde, BA Saison, and BA Barleywine all sound amazing.

For all that we’ve found, checkout our Beer Release page.

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  • Eugene Tierney

    I did confirm with Dogfish Head that World Wide Stout will not be released this year. Stock up now.

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