Newest Batman V Superman Trailer Drops

Prior to watching each trailer, I’ve revert back to being hesistant on this movie. What if Affleck is more Daredevil than Bale’s Batman? What if Superman is more Returns than Man of Steel? What happens if Wonder Woman disappoints in the movie?

Then I watched this and all of those fears are gone.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Official Trailer 2 [HD]

I’m sold.

What do we learn:

  • The first interaction between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent is intense. It’s almost as if Lex knew their identities.
  • I’m not crazy about Lex in that scene; he’s too goofy for the character. The rest of his scenes in the preview seem to have great dialogue from him.
  • Superman unmasks Batman; I can’t wait to see his reaction when he sees Bruce under the cowl.
  • Lex is pulling a lot of strings.
  • Affleck Bat-voice is almost as bad as Bales.
  • Doomsday. That should make Toner feel better after his appearance on Smallville. The idea of Zod as Doomsday was leaked a while ago and shot down by the movie crew; I like it though.
  • It’s our first real glance at Wonder Woman; it’s a good introduction. That battle against Doomsday should be intense.
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