Friday Links: Bruce Campbell, Star Wars, Jessica Jones and More

Bruce Campbell wants to teach Rick Grimes about zombies, some Star Wars knowledge is dropped, a look at Jessica Jones, talk of C.M. Punk’s UFC debut, Dave Grohl rules, and RIP Scott Weiland.

Ash vs the Walking Dead
Bruce Campbell is a busy man; not only is he starring in Ash vs the Evil Dead, he’s been writing a script that’s he leaked on social media:

Ash vs the Walking Dead.

That about sums it up. Shortest movie in history.

Star Wars
In a more serious article, Screen Rant breaks down what you need to know about the Star Wars Universe that was not in the movies. There is some good stuff there.

Darth Maul not dying and Anakin’s padawan Ahsoka are 2 of the major things to come out of the Clone Wars cartoons; Ahsoka ends up in the Rebels cartoon as well.

The article mentions Savage Opress as Maul’s apprentice; what they don’t mention is Opress is Maul’s younger brother and they rule a crime syndicate. It was a pretty cool story line.

To see where all this fits in to the story, check out our timeline.

Jessica Jones Easter Eggs
I knocked out Jessica Jones over 2 days, as a lot of other fanboys did. Den of Geeks went a step further than most and called out all of the easter eggs to the MCU and comics that they could find. There were some on here that I didn’t even know.

For another opinion on the show, check out Inside Pulse and their 10 Thoughts on it.

C.M. Punk’s MMA Opponent
I guess that C.M. Punk MMA debut won’t be happening this year (OK – we’ve known that for a while as he was injured while training). Dana White did acknowledge that he’s working on an opponent for the fight.

I’ll be watching the pay-per-view; Punk is a great performer and should be a pretty good fighter. I’ll probably check out White’s series about finding the opponent so I can look intelligent while watching the fight.

Also check out Drax the Destroyer from Marvel; Punk is writing it.

Reason #1764 Dave Grohl is Awesome:

Song of the Day
With the news that STP lead singer Scott Weiland was found dead, I figured this was appropriate:

STP was a bucket list concert, which is a topic in episode 21 of the podcast.

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