The Nyrdcast Podcast Episode 20: You Know Nothing, Alexa

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back, pre-recorded from Site B.  We explain the semi-hiatus before getting into the good stuff.

The first topic is too much TV with too little time; between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and every other streaming platform, there is a ton of content to watch.  The talk then shifts to Kung Fu movies, where they talk about many of the stars of the genre.

Things take an interesting turn when the topic of young adult novels being turned into movies comes up; they talk about everything from Harry Potter to Hunger Games.  They also compare the names to those of adult films.  Due to Twilight, the talk shifts to the females appeal to vampires.

The unofficial beer sponsor was Public House Brewing and their Rod’s Cream Ale (no joke).

The music was provided by Empire Machines; we used their track …
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