Norwegian Rock Sensation COCKTAIL SLIPPERS Release EP ‘Talking About Love’ and Single “The Renegade Sessions” on June 28th


Norwegian Rock Sensation Cocktail Slippers Release EP “Talking About Love” and 7-Inch Vinyl Single “The Renegade Sessions” on June 28th

Band Playing The First Ever Little Steven’s Underground Garage Cruise! in May 2025

Strream “Taking About Love” Here

Watch the “123” Video Here

Cocktail Slippers, the electrifying Norwegian rock band, is gearing up to set the music world ablaze once again with the release of their highly anticipated EP, “Talking About Love,” and the 7-inch vinyl single “Renegade Sessions,” both slated for June 28th. The EP features the already critically acclaimed singles “Good Love,” “123,” and “I Still Dream You,” along with two brand new tracks, “Talking About Love” and “Jungle.”

Two of the tracks on the EP, “I Still Dream You” and “Jungle,” were recorded at Renegade Studios in New York, while the remaining three tracks, including the title track “Talking About Love,” were re-recorded at Propeller Studios in Oslo. This blend of recording locations infuses the EP with diverse energy and unique sonic qualities.

The EP consist of the following tracks:

Cocktail Slippers
  1. “Good Love” A Rock ‘n’ Roll Ode to Love and Empowerment. “Good Love” is a powerful rock ‘n’ roll anthem that delves into the story of a girl who discovers that what she truly needs is genuine and good love. “Good Love” showcases Cocktail Slippers’ raw energy and passion, delivering an immersive listening experience.
  2. “123” A Catchy Rock ‘n’ Roll Goodbye to Heartbreak Anthem. “123” is an empowering break-up anthem that encapsulates the journey from heartache to liberation.
  3. “Talking About Love” The title track of the EP, is a deeply 70s-inspired anthem that celebrates the beauty of passionate and burning love. The track resonates with the timeless spirit of the era while delivering a modern twist.
  4. “I Still Dream You” is recorded at Renegade Nation studio in NYC, and written, arranged and produced by Stevie Van Zandt. Van Zandt recalls, “The Cocktail Slippers sent me a song they ́d been working on for a while but couldn’t quite unlock its mystery. Every song has one. I dug the sexy vibrations of it and started exploring, intending to just solve the puzzle. But sometimes songs just want to write themselves. I ended up taking it in a different direction and rewrote the whole thing. And really – not because the song wasn’t good enough, you’ll hear great ones all over the album, but because the Cocktail Slippers relentlessly inspire me!”
  5. “Jungle” is recorded at Renegade Studios in NYC, written by Stevie Van Zandt and Cocktail Slippers and produced by Stevie Van Zandt. “Jungle” captures the energy and passion that define Cocktail Slippers’ signature sound. The band’s extraordinary musicianship and undeniable chemistry shine through every note, promising an immersive listening experience that will reverberate with rock enthusiasts worldwide. Fun fact: Everyone that was in the studio that day joined the band in doing the handclaps you hear in the beginning and at the end of the song, including Stevie himself and the guy making a documentary about him.

In addition to the EP, Cocktail Slippers have released “The Renegade Sessions,” a 7-inch vinyl single featuring “I Still Dream You” written by Stevie Van Zandt on the A-side and “Jungle” on the B-side. Recorded in New York City in November 2023, arranged and produced by Stevie Van Zandt, co-produced, recorded and mixed by Geoff Sanoff and co-produced by Marc Ribler. The 7″ will be available exclusively at Cocktail Slippers shows.

Cocktail Slippers

Cocktail Slippers continue to leave their mark on the rock music scene with the release of “Talking About Love” and “The Renegade Sessions,” solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with in the rock music landscape.

The band says, “”123” is something of a “feel-good, goodbyetoheartbreak-rock’nroll punk song” and captures the journey from heartbreak to liberation. This is an empowering song of change for everyone who has experienced ups and downs in a stormy relationship.

“The video for “123” was shot at Coney Island one day in November 2023. The band had just finished a highly anticipated tour of the Northeast coast of the United States, with concerts in Boston, Portland, Providence, Holyoke, New Haven, Ringwood and Freehold in New Jersey and in Manhattan.

“The song was recorded in Propeller Studios, Oslo (Norway) by Mike Hartung. Produced by The Cocktail Slippers and co-produced by Mike Hartung and released by Wicked Cool Records (USA) on the Cocktail Slippers 5th album SHOUT IT OUT LOUD.

“Thanks to Mette Landquist Grønsdal for helping out Recording the video and Vega for the postproduction work.”

Watch the “123” video here:

1 2 3 (2024, Coney Island, Manhattan)

Next spring, Cocktail Slippers will take part in the first ever ‘Little Steven’s Underground Garage Cruise!’, alongside Social Distortion, X, Rocket From The Crypt, Reverend Horton Heat, Old 97’s, and many more. For tickets visit:

Cocktail Slippers
Photo: Cato Ingebrigtsen

Cocktail Slippers:

  • Silje Hope (aka Hope): vocals
  • Stine Bendiksen (aka Rocket Queen): guitar and backing vocals
  • Astrid Waller (aka Sugar Cane): bass and backing vocals
  • Sara Andersson (aka Vega): guitar
  • Maria Storaas (aka Smash): drums

Known for their energetic live performances, Cocktail Slippers are an all-girl rock band from Oslo, Norway, and have been a staple in “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” since the show began. One of the first bands Stevie Van Zandt signed to Wicked Cool Records, Cocktail Slippers have earned acclaim from the likes of Rolling Stone, which raved, “In full hosanna, Cocktail Slippers sound a lot like the Go-Go´s but with gats instead of L.A. cheer, and a mule kick in their high heels. It´s all retro action but written and detonated with the study and delight of modern rock & roll women in constant touch with their inner filly.”

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