BEDBUG Ventures Into The Studio For ‘pack your bags the sun is growing’ LP On March 15


bedbug ventures into the studio for ‘pack your bags the sun is growing’ LP

“Fans of indie rock, rejoice: bedbug’s Dylan Citron is here to finally bring the long-dead genre back.” – POST-TRASH

“bedbug is a project marked by hushed intimacy…Papered from beginning to end with ideas and discursions that feel restlessly poignant.” – STEREOGUM

bedbug is the evolving project of Dylan Gamez Citron (they/them), which has grown from a solo project in Boston, MA (comprised of Casio synths, loop pedals, and cassette tapes) to a full-fledged indie rock band. They debuted in 2016 with if i got smaller grew wings and flew away for good (released through the cult favorite Z Tapes cassette label) which earned significant acclaim and became something of a Bandcamp DIY classic.

Citron’s fledgling efforts impressed Run For Cover Records who then released bedbug’s i’ll count to heaven in years without seasons’ (2018) and life like moving pictures’ (2020) albums via their Joy Void imprint. This period saw bedbug new fans through gorgeous write-ups from top outlets all across the world, and live performances with the likes of Japanese Breakfast, Grouper, Lomelda, Snail Mail, Strange Ranger, yourarmsaremycocoon, and Frog.

This newly expanded full band iteration sees them find new urgency as they channel Cap’n Jazz and Built to Spill on March 15th’s glistening ‘pack your bags the sun is growing LP through BostonDisposable America.

Not only is it their first album in nearly four years, it will be the first LP to be recorded in a studio and to feature a full band. This expanded iteration of bedbug has a new urgency, offering an unashamed love letter to indie rock greats like Modest Mouse and Broken Social Scene, whilst preserving the lofi energy and bedroom pop heart of their previous works. Conceptually, the album is kaleidoscopic, blending confessional lyricism with surrealist storytelling.

The singles, halo on the interstate and postcard,” were well received with support from Pitchfork Selects, Spotify (Fresh Finds), The AlternativeBuzz Bands LAVarious Small Flames, Allston Pudding, and NPR MusicThe songs also appeared in Hype Machine’s “Most Posted Artists” and “Popular Now” charts. To promote the album, Citron published an in-depth essay entitled “Reaching Up to Heaven and Just Falling Short: A Bedroom Pop Retrospective” on Atwood Magazine.

“This is a bit of a new direction for bedbug, the entire record was recorded in-studio. We put a lot of love into it, and made sure there’s still lots to love for the longtime “lofi” fans. I’m a bit nervous about this one, it’s been a few years since I’ve put out new music. it’s also the most ambitious bedbug album by far, so I appreciate everyone who’s been sticking with me!” – Dylan Gamez Citron

pack your bags the sun is growing’ is up for pre-order via Disposable America

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Cap’n Jazz, Built to Spill, The Microphones, Alex G, The Radio Dept., Modest Mouse, American Football, Broken Social Scene

Previous Bedbug Press: 
“bedbug stands out as one of the more earnest, heartfelt releases in recent memory. Channelling Sam Ray’s intimate Casio-pop productions as Julia Brown and Ricky Eat Acid, the songwriter lays bare the frustrating realities of fading relationships as they string together track after track of shimmering lo-fi bliss. Packed with gorgeous melodies and wrapped in cassette-deck warmth…” – SPIN 

“bedbug layers windy sounds and Spanish dialogue with singer Dylan Citron’s own flickering vocals. In our dreams they and Sidney Gish are playing a show in an Allston basement together right at this exact second.” – THE FADER

“The gentlest of albums, full of subdued drums, foggy synths and distant voices. An absolute gem that floats by on a breeze.” – BANDCAMP DAILY 

“There’s something magical that seems to come through my speakers when I play a Bedbug track; it feels a bit like late 90s indie rock, when folks captured their imperfections without fear, hoping just to pour their emotions into the musical side of things.” – AUSTIN TOWN HALL 

“Vitally none of the heart or intimacy is lost in this transformation, as single ‘postcard’ attests, and while any project inevitably passes through various life stages as time goes on, you get the sense Citron and co. are rising towards their fullest potential. The first bedbug to ever sprout wings.” – VARIOUS SMALL FLAMES 

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