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Los Angeles-based Sons of Silver is releasing a taste of what’s to come from their upcoming new album Runaway Emotions slated for release this spring. “Tell Me This” to be released on February 2. Find it at your favorite platform here “Tell Me This” (Single) (

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Sons Of Silver "Tell Me This" The Backstory

“Tell Me This” opens with a winding Johnny Thunders-esque guitar solo, a Stones-like fury, and a lyrical nod to the Smiths. Vocalist and guitarist Peter Argyropoulos shares, “‘Tell Me This’ was inspired by the intro guitar riff. It was a practice riff; something I came up with while doing guitar exercises. I fleshed it out with the chorus and brought it to the band, but it felt a little plain and we shelved it.

“Fast forward a few months, Marc Slutsky had joined the band and brought with him a wonderful energy, not to mention a thumping backbeat. I thought his playing could be a good match for “Tell Me This” so I brought it back to the band during our last rehearsal or two before recording the album. Marc dug in and did exactly as I had hoped, his spirit and chill intensity immediately lifted the song over the top”.

Sons of Silver album cover

In addition to Argyropoulos (PeteRG) and drummer Slutsky (Splender, Peter Murphy, Tonic) the rest of the band’s line-up includes keyboardist and engineer Brina Kabler, guitarist Kevin Haaland (Skillet) and bassist Adam Kury (Candlebox).

The upcoming album Runaway Emotions is Sons of Silver’s first full-length following a pair of EP’s, in 2020 they released Doomsday Noises (which sported three spots on the Billboard Active Rock chart) in 2022 they delivered Ordinary Sex Appeal and Rock N Blues Muse said, “the self-produced set refines the rock and roll formula and makes it vital and relevant all over again”. 

Runaway Emotions will be released through their own 4L Entertainment and distributed by Universal Music’s Group’s Bungalow label. In all, the band’s songs have collectively accumulated more than nine million views and streams. Self-produced by the group, the record was mixed by renowned producer/engineer Tim Palmer, whose credits include Robert Plant, David Bowie, and U2 to name a few.

Sons of Silver

“These guys epitomize the essence of classic alternative rock,” says Palmer about working with the band. “Their music is fueled with both power and raw emotion, with genuinely profound lyrics. Their album is a treasure trove of well-crafted, memorable songs and I really enjoyed collaborating with them.”

“One band which is making rock cool again is L.A. based Sons of Silver” — Folk N Rock

For me, music is about capturing a spirit, an energy, a feeling,” says bassist Adam Kury. “The record is a warning, if we continue down this path, we’re doomed,” adds Argyropoulos. “But if you look at it from a different angle, we share more than we realize, even if we tend to focus on what separates us. At its best, rock ‘n’ roll brings us together, and celebrates what we have in common”.

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