Nyrdcast Podcast 185: Damn You and Your Roid Rage


The Nyrdcast Podcast, where we don’t condone roid rage

The boys took last week off to celebrate Thanksgiving, so they catch up on the black plague at Jay’s house as a result of a bunch of people being over.  They discuss Dave Filoni becoming CCO at Lucas Film, Nintendo’s announcement of a Legends of Zelda movie, rumors of Braniac as the main villain of Superman: Legacy, Mark Millar’s return to the big 2, an Ultimate Spider-Man preview and early thoughts on the new Ultimate Universe, and the identity of Agent Woo’s missing informant in WandaVision.  They then shift to Loki and discuss the highs and lows of season 2 and where it ranks with the other MCU TV shows. 

The finish with homework, including Barbie, Shoresy and Letterkenny, Planet of the Apes, The League, Bye Bye Barry, and more.  

This week’s featured beer was Anthony’s Pacification Barrel-Aged Russian Stout from Public House Brewing in Rolla, MO.

Nyrdcast Podcast Featured Beer: Anthony's Pacification BA Russian Imperial Stout

The featured song is “Off My Chest” from Gab De La Vega.  You can find him at: Facebook | Instagram | Linktree

The intro music was The Mad Dog Remix of The Other Side by the Red Hot Chili Peppers; it was created by Madelyn Tierney.

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