PETE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Releases ‘Tic Tac’ 7″ Vinyl Version Ft Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell 


Pete International Airport releases ‘Tic Tac’ 7″ vinyl version feat. Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell, plus Anton Newcombe B-side remix

PIA’s new album ‘It Felt Like the End of the World’ is out now

Pete International Airport

Portland-based Pete International Airport has released ‘Tic Tac’ 7″ vinyl version via Little Cloud Records, pressed on translucent yellow vinyl.  Featuring Slowdive goddess Rachel Goswell as both vocalist and co-writer, the single is complemented by a remix by the iconic Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) as the B-side.

Pete International Airport is the brainchild of guitarist Peter G. Holmström of The Dandy Warhols.  Named after one of their songs, this eclectic project builds immersive soundscapes that are also classic, catchy songs.  Holmström has an uncanny ability to curate, with a penchant for dropping collaborators into challenging creative spaces—both virtual and actual—then letting them duke it out.

‘Tic Tac’ is lifted from PIA’s recently released third album ‘It Felt Like The End of the World’ – a meticulously crafted psychedelic rock journey into the dark heart of electronica.

“I co-wrote ‘Tic Tac’. I bought his last album and I really liked it. Peter Holmström has different singers on each song and co-writes with everybody, which I think is a really interesting way to work. Obviously, Pete is a guitarist, first and foremost, and a very good one. He sent me music for ‘Tic Tac, and it’s actually changed a lot. It was a lot more guitar-y, the original musical piece that he sent me, and it got really stripped down and changed,” says Rachel Goswell.

“I think he sent me that in 2020. That was a COVID lockdown year and I had a lot of stuff going on. It took me I think nearly about a year to actually get around to sitting down properly and writing it. I kept procrastinating about doing it and then once I’d done it, I was really pleased with it. But I think as a record, there’s some great songs on it. I didn’t know who else had written with him on this record, I was just really happy to be a part of it. It is quite a broad spectrum musically, and quite eclectic.”

Pete International Airport

This album features numerous other guests, including Alexander Hackett (Pang Attack), Lisa Elle (Dark Horses), Dion Lunadon (A Place To Bury Strangers, The D4), and Cheap Trick‘s Tom Petersson on 12-string bass, each tangling with PIA’s usual coterie of musical foils with songs merging into Holmström’s hyper-stylized world of symbols, themes and archetypes.

Mixed by Jeremy Sherrer at Spooky Electric Co. (Modest Mouse, The Shins, The Dandy Warhols), it was mastered by Dave Coley at Elysian Mastering.

‘It Felt Like The End of the World’ is available from fine digital platforms, such as SpotifyApple Music and Bandcamp, where it is also available on CD and a Deluxe double-album in a gatefold sleeve, pressed on transparent vinyl with an orange blob or on transparent vinyl with a purple blob.

The ‘Tic Tac’ 7″ release is available exclusively via Pete International Airport’s Bandcamp, and also via The Dandy Warhols.

Pete International Airport single cover

Music written by Peter G. Holmström
Vocals and lyrics by Rachel Goswell (Slowdive, Mojave 3)
Remix by Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre)
Mixed by Jeremy Sherrer at Spooky Electric Co.
Mastered by Dave Coley at Elysian Mastering
Album art by Francesca Bonci
Artist photos by Mary Martley

Sun Atoms, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Love And Rockets, The Cure, Slowdive, Echo And The Bunnymen, Primal Scream, Jagz Kooner

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