GIANFRANCO PESCETTI Re-images Frank Sinatra’s Classic “Fly Me To The Moon” Ahead Of Fall 2023 Album


Electric music composer Gianfranco Pescetti spins his take on the classic “Fly Me To The Moon”

New Album Out Fall 2023

Gianfranco Pescetti

Electronic music composer and producer Gianfranco Pescetti has been on a prolific creative streak, releasing a wide range of ambient-tinged electronic music that straddles the line between lucid dreaming and rhythmic meditation. One of his most recent releases is a grandiose re-imagining of Frank Sinatra’s classic song “Fly Me to the Moon”.

“I was drawn to the beautiful, melancholic and nostalgic vibe of the original jazz standard that really resonates with me. It started out as an experiment to see if it could work as a dance track without losing some of its original vibe while giving it a fresh twist. I also decided to take a different approach and create an instrumental version which allowed me to expand and introduce new musical motifs.

“I also thought it would be cool to introduce it to a new audience. Plus, it has provided a refreshing break from writing my upcoming album which I am in the middle of.”

The Hawaii-based musician is gearing up to launch a new album in the fall of 2023, preceded by three fresh singles, “Sundog,” “Clownspunk,” and “The Wake.”“Fly Me to the Moon” is a stand alone single not to be included on the album.

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Fly Me to the Moon Full Video
Gianfranco Pescetti single cover

More Info:
Artist Name: Gianfranco Pescetti
Location: Haiku, HI
Release Title: Fly Me to the Moon
Release Date: 4/15/2023
Label: Independent
Musician Names/Instruments: Pescetti / Bass and Programming  
Producer Name(s): Gianfranco Pescetti
Similar/RIYL: Bonobo, Moby, Boards of Canada, Four Tet
Genre(s): Electronic 

Press Quotes: 
“It blends subtle bass grooves with electronic washes, understated but constant dance beats, and more sophisticated sounds and structures.” – Vents Magazine

“His ability to pull out impossible but beautiful sounds against all the rules of the genre and style is simply astonishing!” – Lyrics and Treads 

Artist Biography:
Gianfranco Pescetti is a composer and producer who currently resides on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Hailing from the Tuscan Island of Capraia he previously lived in France for a few years before moving to the United States to continue his music career.

Gianfranco Pescetti

Pescetti draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres, including chill wave acts like Tycho, Aphex Twin, and Boards of Canada, as well as legendary artists such as Depeche Mode and The Cure. His sound has been favorably compared to Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Aphex Twin, and Jean Michel Jarre.

Pescetti’s artistic background is diverse, having studied ballet and danced professionally while also pursuing his love of music through music lessons and recording in his late teens.

In 1988, Pescetti moved to San Francisco, where he became an active member of the city’s lively music scene and played bass guitar for multiple bands. After his stint with his last band, 14 Mission, Pescetti took a break from music to pursue a degree in Landscape Architecture. He recorded his debut album, “Love is Rain,” In 2004, but it wasn’t released until 2014 while he was completing his studies.

He is now back in the game and is gearing up to launch a new album in the fall of 2023, preceded by three fresh singles, “Sundog,” “Clownspunk,” and “The Wake.” Additionally, in 2023 he has released an instrumental dance cover of the jazz classic “Fly Me to the Moon” as a side project, separate from his forthcoming album. His latest work leans towards instrumental atmospheric electronica with a dance vibe, incorporating elements of modern indie rock

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