MARCO BUSATO Brings ‘Night of My Times’ Out April 7 on Kool Kat Musik

Marco Busato is a Brazilian-born, London-based musician who’s been an active part in London’s musical scene since 2014, most recently, as bassist and backing vocalist for garage poppers More Kicks

The banging of the drums plus the smells and the noises of South American streets mixed with a good London brew were the ingredients that helped shape his path into music.  As a drummer and bassist for several bands in Brazil and in the UK, the experiences Marco gathered during all these years allowed him to produce “Night Of My Times”, his first solo album that’s the result of a musical evolution and the coming together of a vast array of influences and ideas he had brewing in his head over recent years. 

Marco Busato album cover

Originally a 2022 vinyl-only release on Spanish label Bickerton Records, it makes its CD debut on the Kool Kat label

Marco wrote and performed the music in the album and invited a few friends to join him in a few songs. The record is a transatlantic co-production by Marco and Brazilian producer Leo Montenegro, who contributed almost all of the synthesisers, organs and pianos on the record, slide guitar on “Around The Sun” and bass on “Tropical Downtime” and “Shouting To The Wind.” 

“The sound of summer…pure-pop for now people…clinically spotless perfection…it’s the most uplifting, catchy, beautiful album that it’s impossible to not like it.  One man’s labour of love and the culmination of playing different roles in various bands over many years, it’s full of individuality and self-belief in ones art. Great musicianship and gleaming production. 

“It’s pure-pop perfection that defies categorisation.  Retro-psych, chamber-pop, tropicalia…?  The most upbeat melancholy and accessible happy/sad songs you’ll hear.  This is open-topped-car on a clear road, driving through the sunshine type music.  Shades on, blissed out.” –

“Busato puts a sweet Emitt Rhodes-ian spin on mellow psychedelic pop jams like ‘Watch Me Fall’.  The title cut is a sweet blend of 80’s Church jangle and a power pop chorus with an awesome guitar lead-out.  It is also smart how the same cocktail-style Ringo-esque beat carries into the more minor verse of ‘Around The Sun.’ 

“In addition, he bridges ‘Night of My Times’ with a very cool Mitch Easter/Let’s Active-esque instrumental ‘Tropical Downtime.’  The real gem and potential single is the sculpted pop production of ‘Sunken Ships.’  Busato adorns his music with all the right touches, but never weighs down the indelible central hook. “Sunken Ships” is the perfect opener to reveal just how this “Night” bears repeating.” –

Here to hip you to a brand new release on the Kool Kat label – APRIL 7 – “NIGHT OF MY TIMES” by MARCO BUSATO

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