Alternative-Electronic Duo ALIEN GOTHIC Presents ‘Shine The Lights’, The 2nd Dark Offering From Debut ‘High and Dry’


Alternative-electronic duo Alien Gothic presents ‘Shine The Lights’, second dark offering from debut album ‘High and Dry’

“The two lead tracks sound closest to A Shoreline Dream… However, ‘Shine The Light’ also exhibits pronounced elements of Bauhaus and Front Line Assembly” ~ Amplify Music Magazine

“Both symphonic and diabolical (in the way that Dante would have used the word), a blend of gothic electronica and cavernous, squalling anthemics, crashing tsunamis of sound washing over industrial and angular acoustic structures” ~ Big Takeover Magazine

“A haunting quality… The blend of genres creates a unique and entrancing soundscape that sets Alien Gothic apart from conventional Gothic Rock acts… The voice gracefully dances over the music, conjuring images of a lost soul wandering through a desolate dreamscape” ~ Skylight Webzine

“An engaging and enchanting experience… an underlying energy that is both hypnotic and addictive” ~ Thoughts Words Action

Alien Gothic

Colorado-based artist Alien Gothic presents the single ‘Shine The Lights’, following up their debut offering ‘In The Night’.  Both songs preview their ‘High and Dry’ album, which will be released via Latenight Weeknight Records on August 18.

Conjuring up music that can be described as gloom from other worlds, the duo – made up of Ryan Policky of A Shoreline Dream and Andy Uhrmacher of Genessier – has been trying to find their way back to the original trajectory they were on previous to crash landing. Stretching cosmic goth music into a whole new realm, the Denver-based duo combines all the elements they have been striving to integrate into the project over the four years since they decided to launch this project.

“Shine the Lights is one of the first that truly formed based on all the layers we tossed at it. We pulled out all the tech, and organic instruments to mix this one up into a whirlwind of cosmic tones,” says Ryan Policky.

“It’s a symphony of alien sounds and favorite mellotron moments. It soars like a massive whale, while being pulled down into tight rhythms and mechanical goth patterns. A complete experiment that formed a lot of our overall sound… cosmic goth as we like to call it.”

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Alien Gothic "In The Night"

Alien Gothic creates deep gothic electronica, fused with spatial goth autoharp symphonies, deep mellotron overtures mixed with noises from unknown origins on the vast hour-long debut. Themes and words recall events that the duo have had from the far reaches of the beyond. With deep beats, lush goth rock entwines with psych and shoegaze layers to create cosmic, pulsating melodies.

Alien Gothic

Recorded from 2020-2023, Alien Gothic takes a journey out of a world gone mad, to spread a sound that is immersive and rich with varied instrumentation. Soundscaping goth is what these artists have become known for elsewhere along the milky way, their spectrums now hitting earth to bring forth a dreary alien orchestra, lost deep in a dark forest beyond the normal stretches of human imagination.

“It’s something we knew would destroy the seedy, cobweb filled dance clubs of the past, bringing forth a new era of goth… alien goth!” says Ryan Policky.

‘Shine The Light’ is available exclusively via Bandcamp. On August 18, the full ‘High and Dry’ album will be released digitally across all fine music platforms.

Written by Ryan Policky and Andy Uhrmacher
Ryan Policky – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth, Percussion
Andy Uhrmacher – Guitar, Bass, Synth, Percussion
Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Ryan Policky
at AG Studios in Barnum, Colorado 2021-2023
Video directed by Ryan Policky
Filmed by Ryan Policky & Andy Uhrmacher
Shot in Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado

Alien Gothic album cover

1    A Star is Death        02:24
2    In the Night        04:00
3    The Actual Ending        04:34
4    Interpretive        03:25
5    A Drone of Her Celebration        03:34
6    Drowning in a Dark Cavern        03:18
7    Shine the Lights        02:58
8    The Last Battle        04:06
9    Carl        03:50
10    Rat in the System        04:28
11    In the Middle of Breath        03:43
12    Alien Dance Club        02:46
13    Fall From Me        03:11
14    Alien Warfare        03:03
15    The Olde Town        03:43
16    Wormhole        06:30
17    Church of the Empty     03:00

She Past Away, Type O Negative, Drab Majesty, Dead Can Dance, A Shoreline Dream

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