SLIGHTER Releases “Pulling Me Under” Single Off ‘The Futile Engine’


Slighter presents ‘The Futile Engine’ album via Brutal Resonance and video for ‘Pulling Me Under’ feat. Craig Joseph Huxtable

“A deep sound design that spans subterranean dubby techno and modern bass sounds… a subtle but totally unmistakable insistence, building intensity gradually and only releasing it as the song fades back into the shadows” ~ I Die: You Die

“When you hear Slighter, the room expands. The soundscapes Allrich creates are larger than life and the production is unquestionably smooth” ~ QRO Magazine

“Slick, motorik, infectious and polished… Fans of Meat Beat Manifesto, Fluke, Future Sound of London and Leftfield should take note here” ~ Amplify Music Magazine

“A creeping sludgy sex appeal… A hungry snarling club growl for your next playlist” ~ Sounds and Shadows

Alternative-electronic artist Slighter presents his new album ‘This Futile Engine’, released via Brutal Resonance Records and Confusion Inc. This 13-track record features collaborations with Steven Seibold (Hate Dept) and Craig Joseph Huxtable (Ohm, Landscape Body Machine, Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit), as well as Yvette Winkler (Vaselyne), Morgue VVitch and Deep Dark Water.


Following up the intense, moody and cinematic lead single ‘Have No Fear’ (with traditional A-side and B-side versions), Slighter also presents an enthralling video for the latest single ‘Pulling Me Under’ feat. Craig Joseph Huxtable, with whom he had previously collaborated on earlier singles ‘Give Me’ and ‘Lights Out’, as heard on FOX’s Second Chance in 2016.

Slighter is the solo moniker of Colin C., who has been fine-tuning the future of electronic music since kickstarting his music in Mid City Los Angeles in the early 2000s. Creating from a unique vantage point, he was involved in collaborations for various Metropolis Records releases and Cleopatra Records compilations, in addition to Slighter releases via his own Confusion Inc. imprint.

Mixed and mastered at The Cell Studio, through the sonic experimentation and innovation entailed in recording this album, Slighter continues to provide new fuel for the counterculture..

“This record was a lot of fun to make with my friends. I’m always enjoying collaborating on Slighter albums and, this time, it felt best to leave the majority of the vocal work to some great voices from Craig to Steven and Tara, Yvette, and Anastasia. It has been an experimental but cohesive experience, the classic cinematic vibes I’m known for hitting with faster Techno and killer bass lines across a 10 track narrative,” says Colin C.

“I think I have a pretty unique way of working outside of genres, but my work still gives off this sort of expansive cinematic vibe, which also retaining a darker mood that gets me associated with various dark sub-culture genres. The themes I often explore has me adopting an ‘Electronic Death Music’ umbrella for the music I make – a play on words, with the music I make being the antithesis of popular EDM”.

Slighter x Craig Joseph Huxtable - Pulling Me Under [Official Video]

While very much an independent artist who largely files under the musical radar, Slighter’s music has also found its way on to mainstream shows over the years, with songs and remixes featured on such television shows as Showtime’s ‘House Of Lies’, ‘Elementary’ (CBS), ‘Bones’ and ‘Lethal Weapon’ (FOX), ‘Defiance’ and ‘Covert Affairs’ (NBC-Universal).

As of July 21, ‘This Futile Engine’ will be released across fine digital platforms, including Apple MusicSpotify and Bandcamp. Available as a Deluxe Edition limited edition CD and as a digital download, this album includes three exclusive bonus remixes of ‘Cold Black Waters (feat. Morgue VVitch)’, ‘Pulling Me Under’ and ‘Have No Fear’.

Colin Cameron Allrich – lyrics & vocals on ‘Introspection Illusion’, ‘Have No Fear’, ‘Memory Corruptor’
Colin Cameron Allrich – words on ‘Planet Failure’ and ‘Nostalgia Hysteria’
Craig Joseph Huxtable – lyrics & vocals on ‘Pulling Me Under’
Yvette Winkler – lyrics & vocals on ‘Dark Divine’
Anastasia Gris – lyrics & vocals on ‘Ūnitās’
Tara Saavedra – lyrics & vocals on ‘Cold Black Waters’
Christy Hannon – voice on ‘Planet Failure’
James Hughey – voice on ‘Nostalgia Hysteria’
Steven Seibold and Tara Saavedra – voices on ‘Memory Corruptor’
Leonard – voice on ‘Forcefield Operative’

Published by Negative Feedback (ASCAP)
Produced by Colin C. for Slighter
Created, mixed and mastered @ The Cell Studio
Conceptualized and executed by Colin C. for Confusion Inc. 2022-2023
‘Pulling Me Under’ video by Confusion Inc.
‘Have No Fear’ video by Psyklon Industries

Slighter album cover

1. Introspection Illusion
2. Pulling Me Under (feat. Craig Joseph Huxtable) [Album Mix]
3. Have No Fear [Album Mix]
4. Nostalgia Hysteria
5. Memory Corruptor (feat. Steven Seibold and Morgue VVitch)
6. Planet Failure
7. Ūnitās (feat. Deep Dark Water)
8. Forcefield Operative
9. Dark Divine (feat. Yvette Winkler)
10. Narcodrone
11. Cold Black Waters (feat. Morgue VVitch) [2023 Mix]
12. Pulling Me Under [Dark Dub]
13. Have No Fear [Dark Dub]

Underworld, Fluke, Front 242, Front Line Assembly, Sven Väth, Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode

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