JOSIE COTTON Gets In Your Face With Her Upcoming Album ‘Day of the Gun’ Out April 18

“Pop music thrives on unlikely juxtapositions. But after a half-century of fusions, cross-cultural experiments, and sonic-alchemical explosions, you may have concluded that everything had been covered. Well, Josie Cotton is here to prove otherwise.” – Skope Magazine

Josie Cotton


Josie Cotton Gets In Your Face With Her Upcoming Album Day of the Gun, out April 18

New Single Out March 21

Josie Cotton
Josie Cotton

MARCH 14, 2023 [Los Angeles, CA] —“Every record I’ve ever made has been kind of an experiment… a chance to morph into something else but this is the one where I go completely over the cliff,“ laughs infamous New Wave icon JOSIE COTTON about her upcoming album DAY OF THE GUN out April 18, 2023 on Kitten Robot Records.

“You could call it a metaphor but it feels true to me,” she explains regarding the album title which she pulled from the album’s title track. “I’ve never been shy about being provocative or too ironic but I saw no reason to pull any punches on this one.”  

Kitten Robot Records originated as an offshoot of Kitten Robot Studios, the famed recording studio near Echo Park in L.A. The label’s first release was Josie’s single “Ukrainian Cowboy” (b/w “Cold War Spy”), wherein Nancy Sinatra meets James Bond in a real Spaghetti Western video. praised it for “blending flavors of country, pop, and new wave, along with tints of traditional Russian folk music, into a tasty sonic confection.”

Eager to give listeners another sample of her forthcoming album, last year she also released the rockabilly-drenched, twang-filled duet with Kevin Preston, “The Ballad of Elvis Presley.”

The only track she didn’t write on the album, the song was originally written for Brian Setzer (of Stray Cats) years ago by Josie’s longtime producer and mentor, Larson Paine, who had also written her iconic ‘80s breakthrough single “Johnny, Are You Queer?” with his brother Bobby Paine. She adds that Larson’s sudden passing this year came as a shock. “He was a huge influence in my life. He was one of the greats.”     

Josie Cotton - UKRAINIAN COWBOY (Official Video)
Josie Cotton “Ukrainian Cowboy”

She says that the aforementioned “Cold War Spy” was by far “the most challenging song I wrote for the album.” The lyrics were inspired by her love for John le Carré spy novels which are “always ominous,” James Bond and intensive research on the Cold War. “I started sleeping with a notebook and pen in case any lyrics came to me in the middle of the night.”

Drawing from multiple sources of influence, the dark humor of her song “Painting In Blood,” for instance, came from her adoration of Italian composer and conductor Ennio Morricone and the ’70s Giallo and Spaghetti Western films he scored.

The soaring “Too Beautiful” was written while driving down the coast highway from San Francisco with her band at sunset. “It was so beautiful it made me want to cry. There was a sadness there I had never fully noticed before and that eventually became a song.” Proving that her inspiration can come from anywhere, “The Fathomless Tale of Silky and Sam” came from a dream about a spider. 

Produced and mixed by Cotton and her long time collaborator, Paul Roessler (TSOL, Richie Ramone, The Screamers, Nina Hagan), Day of the Gun features guest appearances by Kevin Preston (Long Shot, Prima Donna), Eddie Spaghetti (Supersuckers), Clem Burke (of Blondie), and Lee Rocker (of Stray Cats). Kevin Preston and Lee Rocker also appear in the official video for “The Ballad Of Elvis Presley” that was filmed last year in Pioneertown.  

"THE BALLAD OF ELVIS PRESLEY" · Josie Cotton + Kevin Preston
Josie Cotton “The Ballad of Elvis Presley”

Recorded over a four-year time frame at Kitten Robot Studios, Cotton took her time with Day of the Gun while touring and doing multiple collaborations. “I kept getting asked to do these amazing projects that I really wanted to do.”

While she says singing a duet with Justin Pearson (The Locust and Planet B) for his new record was “the most avant-garde thing” she’s ever done, she also sang a duet with Ben Weasel on the 2020 Screeching Weasel’s album Some Freaks Of Atavism (“Turn It Around”), as well as recording (“Fading Fast”) for a GoGos tribute album (If you Gotta Go-Go, Go-Go Now).

In addition, she recorded a Marianne Faithfull song for a benefit record with Peaches, Tracey Bonham, Shirley Manson and other luminary female artists and added her flair on a “Bad Reputation” cover on Mikey and His Uke Series with Offspring’s Noodles, Dead Kennedy’s Klaus Flouride, No Doubt’s Adrian Young and Kevin Preston of Longshot and Prima Donna.

Last Easter she had the chance to perform with John Waters at the Madonna Inn in celebration of the 30th Anniversary screening of the classic film Cry Baby (1990) and joined Mr. Waters again this past October for his Halloween Meltdown in Mosswood.  

Josie Cotton 'Day of the Gun'
Day of The Gun

Day of The Gun

1. “Circle Dance”
2. “The Fathomless Tale of Silky and Sam”
3. “Day of the Gun”
4. “Overturning”
5. “The Ballad of Elvis Presley
6. “Ukrainian Cowboy
7. “Disco Ball”
8. “Painting in Blood”
9. “Cold War Spy
10. “Too Beautiful”
11. “Headlights”
12. “Snappy”

Josie has returned to the forefront of the music world with a new record of original songs on her own record label, Kitten Robot, which has also released a number of celebrated alternative artists such as the post punk/experimental CrowJane, Dark Mark vs. Skeleton Joe (featuring the late Mark Lanegan and his musical partner Joe Cardamone of The Icarus Line) and Spaghetti & Frank (featuring Supersuckers’ Eddie Spaghetti and The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs’ Frank Meyer).

Over the last four years, Josie herself has released the singles “Ukrainian Cowboy”/ “Cold War Spy,” a holiday track “Every Day Like Christmas,” “Sheena is a Punk Rocker,“ “Female Trouble” and the album Everything Is Oh Yeah! (her lost record from the 80s, finally released in 2019). She also re-mastered and re-released her breakthrough debut album Convertible Music, as well as her other albums, From The Hip, Movie Disaster Music, Frightened By Nightingales, Invasion of the B-Girls and her electro-pop masterpiece Pussycat Babylon.

DAY OF THE GUN was produced by Paul Roessler and Josie Cotton and will be released April 18, 2023 on Kitten Robot Records.     

Josie Cotton “Cold War Spy”

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