AMERICAN THRILLS Releases 3 Track ‘Parted Ways One Takes’ Acoustic EP


Connecticut’s American Thrills – ‘Parted Ways One Takes’ Acoustic EP is now streaming everywhere

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American Thrills

“American Thrills have quickly become a punk rock force of nature.” (4 1/2 out of 5 stars) – Powered By Rock

“Hailing from Connecticut, American Thrills are making a straight up rock based version of punk rock. It’s a giant anthemic song just begging to be played in an arena or festival, while still being perfect for a dive bar.”- If It’s Too Loud

American Thrills took their favorite tracks from their recent ‘Parted Ways‘ LP and reworked them into stripped-down acoustic bangers.

According to the band “Kurt (Zikaras) slammed like 4 Mountain Dews and recorded these tracks in one take. We sat him down with an acoustic guitar in front of a couple mics and this is what we got. The reworked versions of the tracks don’t have any layers, dubs or autotune but are still Xtreme. It’s a gosh darn miracle that they sound as good as they do. We blame the dews.”

The second pressing of American Thrills debut LP ‘Parted Ways’ is now available via Wiretap Records (US), Disconnect Disconnect Records/Bearded Punk Records (EUR).

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