THE DECIBELS Announce “When Red Lights Flash” To Be Released March 10


The Sacramento band The Decibels to release their first album since 2019

The album is out on Kool Kat Musik March 10

Those loveable lads from Sacramento are back with their first new music since 2019’s “Scene, Not Heard”!  The Decibels are almost cicada-like in that when you think you’ve heard the last of them with a release that came out a few years ago, out of nowhere another Decibels record appears out of thin air. 

The Decibels

Work on “When Red Lights Flash” actually started at the very end of 2019, and then March of 2020 happened and turned the whole world upside down for the next couple of years.  

When the guys reconvened in 2022 to resume work on the record, like everyone, they had changed.  Not in ways that you can easily define or even put a finger on. But you can hear it on the record – while they are still up to their trademark sound with big chords, big beats and catchy melodies inspired by all the best guitar-based pop music from the last 60 years – there is an underlying current in this record that wasn’t there before. 

The only way to describe it is if “Scene Not Herd” was the Decibels in 1965, then “When Red Lights Flash” would be the Decibels in 1967.  It’s a record that reflects where we’ve all been and grapples to make sense of where we are now and what lies ahead. “When Red Lights Flash” is the kind of record that will travel well with you the rest of your days.  

As we get older and realize that nothing is promised, it’s good to have another Decibels as a small reminder to appreciate now. 

“The Decibels are one of those impossible to categorize groups – like Big Star or Flamin’ Groovies – pure Pop that’s completely out of step with the moment.  However, they are always there with crashing guitars and Ludwig Freakbeat with underpinning layers of Merseybeat harmonies all in the service of hooks that never end.” – Tim Foster

This just might be their “poppiest” record yet!  And there ain’t nothing wrong with that!!

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