ED RYAN To Release “A Big Life” March 17th


“A Big Life” is Ed Ryan’s fifth release on the Kool Kat label!

The album will be released March 17th

Ryan’s aim for “A Big Life” was to make a big, fun rock record where, as always, he wrote, played, sang and produced and recorded everything himself!  He was thinking along the lines of a harder rocking Traveling Wilbury’s, Tom Petty and Fountains of Wayne as overall inspiration.  He even played some real as opposed to programmed drums on the album, to give it a livelier, looser feel.  

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Ed Ryan 'A Big Life'

Sonically, he leaned towards a bigger, rootsier sound and just went with it.

While there are keys on almost all of the tracks the album is bursting with impressive guitar solos and alternately crunchy and jangling guitar chords.  There is some straight up rock and roll along with touches of garage, blues, Motown and country mixed into some rocking power pop!  And he’s succeeded – BIG TIME!!

“Gorgeous songs ring out filled with hooks and resolutions. The kind that seem so simple, but require a high level of musicianship to write and perform. Ed brings all that, but it’s always in service to the song. And in a perfect world, you’d be hearing them on the radio.” – Rob Moss 

“Ed Ryan is another in a long line of prolific pop savants who can write sturdy tunes, sing, and play every instrument.” – John Borack 

“His brilliant evocation of 60’s power pop recalls the Knickerbockers, the Vogue, Barry and the Remains, the Modulators, and any other driving group, with masterful first and fourth chord harmonies on nearly every song.” – Mike Baron/Pop Geek Heaven  

“Ed Ryan has an unmistakable sound of his own but puts the accents slightly differently on each record…the high quality of the songs, to which we have become so accustomed, is assured throughout.  His guitar solos are sharp and hard, his melodies are pure and straightforward, and his lyrics dig a little deeper. I’m not kidding; I’m an Ed Ryan fan” – Patrick Donders/Sweet Sweet Music Blog

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