THE WISE MAN’S FEAR Drops “Sea Of Fire” From Latest Album ‘Atlas Ruinica’

Atlas Ruinica is the 4th full-length album by Indianapolis Fantasycore band The Wise Man’s Fear. The independently released record weaves the story of a twisted globetrotting adventure, following main character Elise Lansette as she investigates the mysterious circumstances of her uncle’s death over the course of its 10 tracks.

From the Welsh countryside to the Sahara Desert, to Paris, to glaciers in Norway spawning portals leading to strange worlds, it’s an action-packed journey full of twists and turns for Elise as she races to locate the fabled Atlas Ruinica before her opponents, the mysterious Ptolemaic Kings.

The album also spans the globe sonically, while staying true to the band’s quintessential modern metalcore sound and combining it with everything from Norwegian Black Metal to deathcore, post hardcore, symphonic moments, and much more. 

"Sea of Fire" - The Wise Man's Fear [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

The album is now available on all platforms.

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