THE DELPHI RAVENS New Single ‘Burn At Both Ends’ Out Feb 24


Indie/Alt-Rock Band The Delphi Ravens’ New Single ‘Burn At Both Ends’ Is Out February 24

The song was co-written by Stephen Andrew Burgess (aka Papa B.™) and Kira Herdklotz-Yasutake aka Kira H/Y.

The Delphi Ravens are an indie/alternative rock band combining influences from several genres. Delphi Ravens were founded in late 2019 by bassist and ASCAP songwriter Papa B.™ The band comes from the Pacific Northwest with its rich history of breakthrough music. Vocalist Kira delivers her dynamic vocals and co-writes many of the songs.

The Delphi Ravens

Kira wrote the lyrics and melody, and Papa B. wrote the music for the song. The lyrics come from Kira’s experience having to work multiple jobs to try to pay her bills. The stress and burnout from working 3 jobs with odd hours is what the song is all about. And even after 3 jobs not always being able to pay all the bills adds even more stress. Many people can relate to having to do this, especially in these times of fast rising inflationary expenses.

Kira Quote: “I couldn’t sleep one night after working 2 jobs from 9 am until 2 am with only a short break. So I sat down and wrote these lyrics all the while knowing I had to get up in a few hours to start all over again. Papa B. and I agreed on a song key and then he wrote the chord progressions and bass line while I finished the melody. Really pleased with how this song came out. Hope people can relate as well as enjoy the song.”

‘Burn At Both Ends’ by the Delphi Ravens

The band’s sound has been compared to many artists including Deftones, Evanescence, Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, etc.

The Band says, “We aren’t vanilla or chocolate, but a blend of tasty musical flavors!”

Hot Reviews
“Such an amazing talent …check them out today!!!” Country stars, The Whythouse

“Wow! The Delphi Ravens are a rare treat. Many people will be loving their music.” Lisa Anderson of Int’l blog, YupLife

“Phobia is an incredible track! The vocals, instrumentation, and production are top notch, professional!” Jim K of Mixposure

“Delphi Ravens’ song How Wrong You Were is a musical ‘eff-you’ to a past lover. Vocalist, Kira, delivers a commanding performance. They have a powerful, in-your-face sound and the moxy to make an impact!” Ryan of Indie Band Guru

“Delphi Ravens strike gold with fresh hooks, roaring guitar tones, energetic instrumentals, and powerful vocals. Reminds me of Fleetwood Mac or Bright Eyes.”
Editor, Entertainment blog, Friday Rumors

“Delphi Ravens just dropped a fantastic new release, Phobia. This track is breaking boundaries and takes the listener on a thrilling, mysterious ride. The band is unlike anything in the modern music scene!” Andrew of Band Camp

Awards & Achievements
Delphi Ravens have charted 5 songs in 2021-22. Hardest Goodbye was #2 on the Top 100 Hypeddit chart. Delphi Raven on the Top 10 Chart at Broadjam and #7 on MTV Top100. Phobia kicked off 2022 as the runner-up for Song of the Month at Broadjam and #3 on the Top 10 Chart. In 2022, Take My Hand spent an incredible 34 weeks in the Museboat Top 25 Chart and finished #19 for the year (among all music genres).

The band has had their music played on more than 100+ radio shows in 2022 mostly in the US and UK including KIIS FM and KLOS FM in Los Angeles, both iHeart stations.

The World Songwriting Awards selected Take My Hand as Best Alternative Song finalist, Red to Black as Best Rock Song Top 3 finalist, and Phobia as Best Rock Song finalist, in 2023. Take My Hand was selected as Best Alternative Song finalist by Indie Songwriting Awards in 2022.

ReverbNation continues to rank Delphi Ravens the #1 Alt-Rock band in all of the Pacific Northwest, Top 30 in the U.S., & Top 50 Worldwide.

The band is closely followed by Hollywood star Elizabeth McGovern, Sony music exec Jennifer W, rappers Whiz Kid|GThug|King Checkmate, many radio stations, Finnish star Katja, country star Whythouse, and 1,000 artists from the US, UK, Canada, & Europe.

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