SALT ASHES Returns With An Intoxicating New Single “Heart Attack”

It takes true merit to punch through the alt-pop genre, a very crowded space where artistry is very often immediately compromised into streaming and TikTok tropes, so the effort of Salt Ashes aka Veiga Sanchez is felt that much more.” – Ones To Watch

A pop star with immaculate self-governing credentials, equal parts charty and arty.” – The Guardian

“Salt Ashes is the dame of dark pop…” – Wonderland

“She channels the glacial tones of Scandi-pop singers like MØ… adds a deeply organic and earthy element to the genre” DIY”Dark Pop Dame” (Wonderland)


SALT ASHES Returns With An Intoxicating New Single
Heart Attack

Salt Ashes
Salt Ashes
Photo credit: Theo Ahimana

FEBRUARY 16, 2023 (London, UK) — After the instant success of last year’s “Didn’t See It Coming” and “Body Says,” London-based singer/songwriter SALT ASHES returns with a new intoxicating single, “Heart Attack” (released today via Radikal Records). Showcasing her expert approach towards marrying beautiful dreamlike vocal melodies with huge electronic dance rhythms, Salt Ashes soundtracks the crippling sensation of longing for someone, creating something more personal in every way.

Previous release Didn’t See It Coming” pushes and pulls throughout. With her signature sound of dark-rhythmic pulsing dance music at play, Salt Ashes lets loose with exhilarating bass and drum kick-offs, while biting synths provide a breathtaking floor for her airy floating vocals to dance across. Salt Ashes’ undeniable aptitude for her unique electro-dance blend was not left unnoticed, as “Didn’t See It Coming” was featured on Elton John’s Rocket Hour radio show (Link starts at 0:17). 

I was so overwhelmed when I got the call that Elton John was going to play my last single… And to open his show with it! I’ve listened to Elton since I was little. Who hasn’t?! So, it’s a huge, huge honor. A dream would be a collaboration!” says Salt Ashes on Elton’s radio play.


Fusing together an array of influences like BjörkDepeche Mode, and Change, Salt Ashes perfects her craft, creating introspective electronic/dance music with a dark,, disco-esque flair. Praise has come from far and wide for the artist since her first release back in 2014, most notably by the likes of The GuardianDIYWonderlandBillboardMTVClashLine of Best Fit, and NOISEY. Last February’s release of “Body Says” from Salt Ashes’ late 2021 album Killing My Mind soared all the way to a Top 5 position on the Music Week Pop Club Charts.

Salt Ashes
Salt Ashes “Heart Attack” Single Artwork

Paired with the dark-pop hit came a showstopping remix by dance producer Manuel Riva. For her single, “Didn’t See It Coming,” Salt Ashes collaborated with Dimitri Tikovoi, the GRAMMY®-nominated record producer and DJ who has worked with some of music’s biggest names from PlaceboCharli XCXBecky HillBlondie and Purple Disco Machine, to name a few.  The London-based, Brighton-born singer Salt Ashes (a.k.a. Veiga Sanchez), burst into the dance music scene with her first full self-titled debut album back in 2016, produced by the late Daniel Fridholm (a.k.a. Cruelty), which quickly gained popularity amongst music fans worldwide. She has toured with artists such as Tove StyrkeSay Lou LouNimmoBright Light Bright Light, 80s pop sensation Tiffany, and most recently with Goldfrapp on their UK tour. Before the end of the year, Salt Ashes blessed her fans with an electric show stopping performance at London’s Grace. It’s clear to see Salt Ashes is on the verge of becoming a household name.

Salt Ashes new single “Heart Attack” is out today, February 16.    


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