Glasgow’s STARRY SKIES Present Solidarity-Based ‘Light In Your Soul’ Single From Their ‘Small Wonders’ LP

Glasgow’s Starry Skies present solidarity-based ‘Light In Your Soul’ single from their ‘Small Wonders’ LP

“Soft, vibrant joyousness of the duetting on the Kinksien ‘Light in Your Soul” ~ Americana UK

“Light In Your Soul….an evocative proposal, a slice of Americana edged pop which united with body and thought as the warm radiance of harmonies shone” ~ Ringmaster Review

“Teeming with positivity… bountiful and grounding while, at the same time, giving cause for deeper thought” ~ The Spill Magazine

“Light In Your Soul is the sort of song that The Beautiful South would have wrestled you bodily into the dirt to get their hands on – spacious, reflective, gorgeous” ~ The Swindonian

“Among the finest of the current crop” ~ Clash Magazine

“Infectiousness, addiction, groove and melody and has some real depth… straight-forward and brilliant” ~ Big Takeover Magazine

“One of the finest singers Scotland has ever produced…singular song writing talent” ~ Stevie Jackson (B&S)

Scotland’s Starry Skies present the single ‘Light In Your Soul’, a firm favourite among fans of one of Glasgow’s most beloved folk-rock band and a positive, heartfelt and gorgeous reminder to remember the light and strength inside themselves regardless of the challenges they face.

Lifted from their fourth studio album ‘Small Wonders’, it starts with acapella vocals and finger clicks, and soon transforms into a full-on production with hammond organ, jangly guitars and beautiful vocal harmonies.

Shaped by personal encounters with music icons Nina Simone, Iggy Pop and Chuck Berry, Warren McIntyre (aka Warren Starry Sky) founded the band in 2014 to encourage the proliferation of positive, hopeful music. Today, he is joined by Jenny Lunan, Heather Phillips, Sophie Pragnell, Johnny Rooney and Adam Scott, having supported Snow Patrol, Belle and Sebastian, The Vaselines and Teenage Fanclub over the years.

Dubbed a “masterpiece” and their strongest work yet, ‘Small Wonders’ is a hearty crowdfunded 10-track collection with a brilliant blend of indie rock and folk pop. These shimmering delights celebrate the small wonders that are all around us. These songs were written in 2021, when we were all really grateful for small things like being able to go for a walk with a friend.

Photos by Manus McKee

“‘Light in Your Soul’ started off as a tribute to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. She has been getting a lot of criticism in the press and this got me thinking about female leaders.I wanted to write a message of support to Jacinda to let her know that, even in far away Scotland, there are people who admire her and the kind inclusive approach she takes to leading her country. Her public show of empathy for the Muslim survivors of the Christchurch shooting was admirable and showed the strength of connection,” says Warren McIntyre.

“The verse lines “Hey there sister…..I don’t believe in these leaders – but I’d follow you to the end” and the chorus reminder that no matter how dark it gets it is important to remember the light were little messages in this song as a personal thank you to Jacinda”  

Packed full of inspired and catchy songs with thoughtful lyrics, ‘Small Wonders’ was recorded and produced at Maybank Studios by Matt Harvey, perhaps best known for his work with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Scottish Opera, and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by legendary mastering engineer Frank Arkwright (The Smiths, New Order, Coldplay, Oasis, Primal Scream, Blur, Bryan Ferry).

As of October 7, ‘Light In Your Soul’ is available across digital platforms, including Spotify. The full ‘Small Wonders’ album can be ordered on Bandcamp or on CD and sky-blue vinyl via Last Night From Glasgow.

Written by Warren McIntyre
Recorded and produced by Matt Harvey at Maybank Studios, Glasgow
Mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios, London
Album artwork by GND Design, back cover photo by Didier
Released by Fox Star Records

01.  Smile Through The Dark
02.  Spitfire Susie
03.  Highwater Eagle
04.  Light In Your Soul
05.  Kindhearted People
06.  Natural Way
07.  I Don’t Wanna Be That Kinda Guy
08.  Iris In The Underground
09.  I Was Lost
10.  On The Beach

Don McLean, Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Jimmy Buffett

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