Philadelphia Rockers SORAIA Release “Jackson’s Song” Off Upcoming 10-Song LP ‘Bloom’ Out October 28

Philadelphia Rockers SORAIA Release Track (“Jackson’s Song”) Off Upcoming 10-Song LP ‘Bloom’ Out October 28

Band’s Single “I Seek Fire” Continues To Move Up The Billboard Charts On Tour Now

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”Soraia is an extraordinary, exciting, and ‘sure to make waves’ band who I love and admire” – Joan Jett

“You do not want to miss one of the greatest of the new bands! For those of you who think rock is dead – come to have your faith renewed!” – Steven Van Zandt

“…Hard-Charging…”- Billboard

“Gritty, raw, passionate and heartfelt….adjectives you use to describe the music of upstart Philly rockers Soraia….”- Loudwire

Philadelphia rockers Soraia have dropped “Jackson’s Song”- another track off their upcoming album ‘Bloom’ (out October 28 on Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records.)

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Frontwoman ZouZou Mansour says, “”Jackson’s Song” is the second song written for Bloom. I was binge-watching the series “Sons of Anarchy,”—and became specifically intrigued in the relationship between Jackson and Tara. And by the end, it is truly a tragic love story. This song is a mix between how much I loved their story plus how much I love the song ‘The Bridge’ by Dolly Parton. The idea of rare beauty mixed with tragedy is an attractive writing topic for me.”

The track comes as their single “I Seek Fire” continue to move up the Billboard charts, where it currently sits at #23.

The band says, “We are blown away every single week as we get the privilege to watch our ‘I Seek Fire’ single climb the Billboard Modern Rock Indicator Charts–up to #24 this week. The feeling is unexplainable. Our hearts are full. The way the PDs and MDs at commercial modern rock radio have embraced our song, the fantastic love of our label Wicked Cool Records, our “won’t accept no for an answer” team, and the undying belief of our fans has kept us going more than they know. This kind of excitement surrounding our newest song and upcoming album has meant the world to us. The unwavering love of our most ardent supporters who are already successful in the music industry has changed everything. They know who they are:) THANK YOU. We couldn’t ask for more.”

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A video for that track was directed by Sam Shapson (Yeah Yeah Yeahs , Demi Lovato, Oliver Tree, Thrice, Corey Taylor, All Time Low, MGK, Poppy) and is streaming here:

Soraia recently opened more shows for Joan Jett and wrapped a run of shows with Hayley and The Crushers. See addtional dates below, including a hometown show at Philly’s Kung Fu Necktie on December 10th.

Coming off the massive chart success of the 2021 single “Tight Lipped” and 2020 breakthrough album ‘Dig Your Roots, the deeply personal new album finds Soraia covering new ground both sonically and lyrically.

“Ultimately, our new album is about rising above all of the slights, injuries, and traumas we’ve all experienced – personally and together – and positioning ourselves into a new place we’ve chosen. A place with renewed courage and vitality. We realize we are all deserving of a life driven by our choices and power,” affirms ZouZou Mansour, lead singer and lyricist for Soraia.  

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Track Listing:
1 Jokers, Thieves, and Liars
2 Tight-Lipped
3 I Seek Fire
4 Broken Cocoon
5 She’s Already Dead
6 Hammer and the Anvil
7 Secret Medicine
8 Strutter
9 Jackson’s Song
10 Mephistopheles

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Upcoming shows:
10/15 Indianapolis, IN // Melody Inn
10/31 Providence, RI // Dusk
11/1 New Haven, CT // Cafe Nine
11/2 Troy, NY // The Hangar on The Hudson
11/4 New York City, NY // Berlin Under A
12/10 Philadelphia, PA // Kung Fu Necktie Bloom Album Release Event

About SORAIA’s ‘Bloom’:
Anyone who’s overcome mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual barriers will relate deeply to Bloom, Soraia’s upcoming ten-song collection, ‘Bloom.’

Soraia’s third studio album with Wicked Cool Records showcases tragic romance, awakened passion, fiery desire, and lost identity – yet is ultimately filled with their consistent foreboding of hope. These themes – combined with the band’s signature hard rocking, motivating sound – create a unique listening experience. ‘Bloom’ inevitably empowers the listener to make the change they choose– it advocates speaking your truth and living your life – consequences be damned.

‘Bloom’ builds on the themes established throughout the band’s career. Their first studio album ‘Dead Reckoning’ (2017) featured songs defining where they stood from the viewpoint of where they’d been. 2020’s ‘Dig Your Roots’ was all about accepting who and what they are, and ‘Bloom’ – the third in the series – is about letting go of all these things and finding that new place: musically, as a group, and as individuals. If 2020 taught us anything—it is how to unapologetically stand up proudly for who and what we are.

The LP begins with the hard rock we’ve all come to expect of the band. As David Fricke, formerly of Rolling Stone Magazine claims, ”Searing guitars, burning soul, and true CBGB grit: Soraia are the rock you need in your face now” and they have not changed their step here. The album opens ferociously with an emblazoned “YEAH!” in “Jokers, Thieves, and Liars” and doesn’t let up through Side B.

Though the album focuses on hard-driving melodies, the band passionately explores new territory in some tender moments. ‘Jackson’s Song’ – a surprisingly simple song yet beautifully tragic love story between two bikers – is a vulnerable spot on the album. It’s one partner’s confession of her changing emotions and personhood that ends in a solid moment fated by twisted loyalty. Another anthemic song is the soul-defining and very personal ‘Mephistopheles’ which closes the record. A claim on current culture mirrored in an intimately personal experience, Mephistopheles himself is a charmer – both wildly alluring and utterly deadly. The song’s highlight is the dark angelic backgrounds in the final chorus—a statement that visually brings to mind Dante’s Inferno. ’’Mephistopheles’ is about a real experience and holds its place at the end of our record for a reason….” affirms ZouZou Mansour, lead singer and lyricist for Soraia.

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Photo: Cassandra Panek

With every release, Soraia continues to gain experience, momentum, and strength. They have garnered the attention of many soulful rock legends in the music business, including Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Van Zandt, and Joan Jett. The core band features ZouZou Mansour (lead vocals), Travis Smith (bass), and Brianna Sig (drums). Together, they have unmatched chemistry and passion for the music they play.

Soraia does what they do best on ‘Bloom’: shine and reflect through personal stories a universal identity we all share. Their songs promise life after loss, and survival that is both fragile and tough.

‘Bloom’ is the promise of redemption, newfound passion, and dark warriorhood. The black lotus rising from the mud that blooms into the most beautiful flower: it blossoms from its sin, scars, and final survival—a spirit brimming with strength. What has kept these warriors together through thick and thin is that bond. That darkness. That hope: To grow together.

We will keep telling our stories.  

Soraia is:
ZouZou Mansour – Lead Vocals, Tambourine
Travis Smith – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brianna Sig – Drums, Backing Vocals

Other Players:
Mike Dudolevitch – Lead and Rhythm Guitars, piano (“I Seek Fire”)
John Hildenbrand – Organ

Additional Musicians:
Geoff Sanoff – additional background vocals, additional percussion, 12-string electric guitars on “Jackson’s Song”
Steve LaFashia – additional rhythm guitar and solo on “I Seek Fire”/ Additional rhythm guitar on “Jokers, Thieves, and Liars” and “Mephistopheles”  

Praise for Soraia:
“All rise for the fire and euphoria of Soraia…your road to garage-rock salvation.” David Fricke, Rolling Stone/Sirius XM Radio

“Soraia do an extremely effective job of recapturing that punk rock spirit and zeal, with lead singer ZouZou Mansour bringing that vintage glam rock appeal with her lively, spirited vocals.”- V13

“Soraia are bringing back that 80’s rock sneer – A brilliant riff, thrumming bassline and pure catchiness make up this cracking song.”- Love It To Death Reviews

“This is garage rock out of the garage and aiming for arenas. “I Seek Fire” is just pure no nonsense rock ‘n’ roll with zero pretention.”- If It’s Too Loud

“”I Seek Fire” is an excellent mix of aggressive riffs, high attitude and epic bold vocals. The song is sure to stop you in your tracks.”- Click Roll Boom

“Philadelphia rock quartet Soraia really knows how to put together a hypnotic rock song. Frontwoman ZouZou Mansour’s uncanny voice is perfectly pitched to the guitars and holds you close while it beguiles you. This is a put-on-repeat song.” – Shutter16

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