Oakland, CA Queercore Band MIDDLE-AGED QUEERS’ Releasing New Album ‘Shout At The Hetero’ on October 31st

Oakland, CA Queercore Band MIDDLE-AGED QUEERS’ Releasing New Album ‘Shout At The Hetero’ on October 31st

Band features ex-members of The Cost (Lookout Records), Fang (Boner Records), Yaphet Kotto and the Insaints (MaximumRockNRoll Records)

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What Others Have Said…
“Middle-age never sounded so youthful.”- The Punk Site

“… create a queer-core band that’s tongue in cheek and doesn’t take itself seriously? You get Middle-Aged Queers…”- Jersey Beat

“It’s fast, loud, and edgy, but it’s also fun as hell. ” – If It’s Too Loud

“‘…gives off major ‘90s rock vibes… It’s nostalgic and quirky and we are living for that!” – The Honey Pop

“This album will make you want to skate and go tag something, whether you first heard Green Day from American Idiot or you saw them at 924 Gilman back-in-the-day.”- Madness To Creation

Founded in 2019 by ex-members of The Cost (Lookout Records), Fang (Boner Records), and the Insaints (MaximumRockNRoll Records), Middle-Aged Queers are a Bay Area “supergroup” of Jurassic Punks on a mission to make punk rock gay again. They have shared the stage with Agent Orange, the Avengers, The Code, GayC/DC, Guttermouth, Man on Man, MDC, the Pathogens, and the Longshot. They were voted Best Live Band in the Bay Area Reporter’s 2020 “Best of the Bay” awards.

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Written and recorded during the lockdown phase of the pandemic, Middle-Aged Queers’ sophomore album “Shout at the Hetero” takes a much darker turn than their debut release. With themes covering gentrification, homelessness, TERFs, and QAnon, “Shout at the Hetero” will take you on a roller-coaster through a rainbow in the dark.

Like their debut album, Middle-Aged Queers bootstrapped their second LP, “Shout at the Hetero” by recording it in under 8 hours for less than $500. Limited edition vinyl variants will be available on Say-10 Records, Sell the Heart Records and their own Outpunx Records.

Vocalist Shaun Osburn says “COVID canceled tours, day jobs, side hustles, and housing, and the members of Middle-Aged Queers were no exception. This album captures our cathartic release during an uncertain time.”

“Shout at the Hetero” will be released digitally on October 31st. Catch the band at Fest 20 on October 30.

“Knot Circus” video:
“Size Queen” video:
“Satanic Mills” video:

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Band edition:
Say-10 Records:
Sell the Heart Records:

October 28, 2022: The Vault in Tampa, FL
October 30, 2022: Palomino in Gainesville, FL (The Fest)
November 12, 2022: The Holland Project in Reno, NV
February 10, 2023: 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley (Annual Valentine’s Gay Queercore Show)

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