ALICIA BLUE Evolves Unconventionally on Self-Awakening Track “Young” feat. John Paul White

“….[Inner Child Work] sparkles and shines, with enough darkness to provide satisfying contrast, making it shine even brighter throughout. She is a top-notch song writer and has always been. But her new work looks to make a bigger splash where her folkier music would probably only have a niche audience. Intelligent, catchy, prescient. It’s an impressive batch of songs from an evolving artist. The best of folk, the best of pop.” – Northern Transmissions

“With ‘DTMTS (Don’t Tell Me To Smile)’ Blue diverts from her folk roots, instead crafting her take on shimmering indie rock. Blue’s layered vocal harmonies and plaintive melodies steadily build into an emotive ballad, bolstered by iridescent guitar textures and cathartic lyrical confessions.” – Under The Radar

“[‘Saline Waters’] is hauntingly beautiful, and her vocals have an alluring Tori Amos or Kate Bush quality to them. The song has a dark-wave beat that gets you lost in the music. The picturesque lyrics linger.” – Riff Magazine

” … mystical and chill-inducing…. Raconteur and chanteuse of the people, Alicia Blue invents her own line of folk with every release.” – Grimy Goods

“…listening to her songs feels like being invited into her intimate diary, a world full of dreams and secrets.” – Atwood Magazine –  2021 Artists to Watch

“Blessed with a rich, resonant voice, Alicia Blue invests every phrase of her songs with gutsy attitude.” – Music Connection

Evolves Unconventionally on Self-Awakening Track “Young” feat. John Paul White (Civil Wars)

New EP, Inner Child Work Part 2 
Out November 18 via Magnetic Moon 

Continues to Explore the Sudden Changes in Life’s Directions, Self-Awareness, and New Beginnings

“Young” single artwork
Photo credit: Joey Martinez

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022 (Nashville, TN) – “I don’t wanna live ‘forever young’… like, fuck that. Fuck staying small and unconscious just to fit in,” says Nashville-based magnetic indie-folk singer-songwriter ALICIA BLUE about the unconventional take on her single “Young” featuring John Paul White (Civil Wars). “I want to evolve, grow, and then get the hell outta here when my time is up.” The single is taken from her Part 2 Inner Child Work EP (out on November 18 via Magnetic Moon) which follows and expands upon the self-awareness and new beginnings themes from Alicia’s Inner Child Work (Part 1)EP which was released July 2022.

“This is one of my favorite tracks on the EP, I had never met John Paul White until we wrote ‘Young’ together,” explains Alicia about the song which urges acceptance in the aging process. “I started the session by telling him how I always felt like the youngest person in the room even as I grew older. He responded, ‘Well, that’s funny because my whole life I’ve always felt like the oldest person in every room.’ We laughed for a bit and then he suggested spinning around the narrative in society of trying to stay young at all costs. It made me think of Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’ and turning that sentiment on its head, which is what we did.”  

For Inner Child Work Part 2, the former Los Angeles native found herself working with Nashville-based songwriter and producer Lincoln Parish, (originally of the band Cage the Elephant), who helped to provide a solid musical foundation for her songs so she could focus on doing her best and most creative writing work to date. Recording in Nashville also gave Alicia a perspective on her life in Los Angeles. Having been born and raised in Southern California, and never having left the city, not even for college, she began to see in hindsight how much personal turmoil she had navigated through her years there. There are moments on Inner Child Work Part 2 that focus on more immediate, pressing matters and her realization of how much she didn’t have her life in California figured out. 

Alicia Blue

For instance, the songs featured on the upcoming EP Inner Child Work Part 2, “Best Hands” is about the frustration of being stuck in unhealthy habits and patterns, while Alicia and Lincoln’s first collaboration together, (”Picasso Blue”) benefitted from his insights. Originally a folk-poem song, it blossomed into a dense, melodic, indie-rock track with a soaring chorus, chiming guitars and driving percussion. “What happened to it is mind-blowing to me,” Alicia explains. “It became this song that feels big and powerful, just like the words intended.” Lincoln also gave her invaluable perspective, suggesting the lyrics she had intended for the verse actually worked better as the chorus: “I don’t want to live in Picasso’s blue anymore.”

Inner Child Work Part 2 is an EP that revels in self-reflection and determining her life directions “This EP and my existence as an artist come from a need to connect and develop relationships—yet simultaneously I’ve always felt like this lone candle in a dark room,” Alicia expresses. “My artistry and the EP have this wildness to them. But I can also feel this softening happening. “Each song on Inner Child Work Part 2 is really just about the difficulty of navigating this life and not having all the proper tools to live it in the most successful way, and by successful, I mean the most healthy way. I like to think that getting this all out helps me in some way.”   

Inner Child Work Part 2

Inner Child Work Part 2

1.“Best Hands”
2. “Picasso Blue”
3. “Young (feat. John Paul White)” 
4. “I Want It Faster”
5. “Believer”

Releasing her first EP in 2019, fate fell immediately for her with Starbucks asking for her song “Magma” to be featured in stores worldwide via their Starbucks Acoustic playlist on Spotify. Garnering immediate attention as a songwriter and singer, Alicia quickly became a pivotal figure on the LA songwriting circuit. She’s been featured in publications including Billboard and Atwood Magazine, as well as LA’s legendary KCRW. Alicia Blue’s first full-length album Bravebird was released April 2020 in the middle of a global pandemic, securing spots on Spotify’s influential Fresh Finds Pop and Fresh Finds Rock playlists and garnering a whole new round of buzz and attention. In January 2021, she was featured at the top of Atwood Magazine’s “2021 Artists to Watch.” American Songwriter sums it up best when they proclaimed, “She’s stunning in her transformation from dreaming poet to a living artist, and in the short pocket of time since Bravebird.”

Young” is now available via Magnetic Moon and can be purchased/streamed here. Inner Child Work Part 2 will be released on November 18, 2022via Magnetic Moon


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