Brian May Launches Brand New “Otro Lugar” Music Video, A Touching Spanish Language Version Of His “Another World” Single

Launches brand new “Otro Lugar” music video

A touching Spanish language version of his “Another World” single shot in the stunning Canary Islands

A special gift for the Spanish world who has always been incredibly kind to Queen and Me

Debuts on YouTube Today

This is the place I want to be when I leave this planet because to me, it’s the closest place to Heaven.” – Brian May

Brian May launched the newly remastered Gold Series re-issue of his 1998 solo album Another World on its April 22 release day from the historic Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, accompanied by some brand-new music videos. 

Alongside the electrifyingly positive “On My Way Up” and nostalgic cover of Buddy Holly’s “Maybe Baby,” Brian filmed one video for the title track back in his much-loved Canary Islands. It was in Tenerife where the Queen guitarist studied his Physics PhD at the Teide Observatory, high up in the volcanic landscape, so it only seemed fitting to return and shoot the new footage there, as well as in La Palma, where he has worked on Starmus in recent times, and in the tiny island of El Hierro. 

Brian released his fresh “Another World” music video last week and now the extra special Spanish language version called “Otro Lugar” which debuts on YouTube today, Friday, May 6.

Brian May - Otro Lugar (Video Oficial)

Brian gave a sneak peek of the new video at his Greenwich Planetarium album launch and shared why he’d chosen to do this interpretation; one that was originally released in its audio form on the 1999 compilation album, Baladas 99, alongside the likes of Robbie Williams and Joe Cocker.

Before showing the audience on the night, producer Simon Lupton – who was leading the Q&A teased – it was: “A real treat in particular for Brian’s Spanish speaking fans.”

Brian May
Photo credit: Richard Gray
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Brian spoke in the native tongue of the Canary Islands, before translating: “This is for you because the Spanish world has always been incredibly kind to us and to me.”

On shooting the music videos in Tenerife he said, “We filmed two versions of ‘Another World’ in the Canaries. In fact, we went out mainly to do the Spanish one at the beginning. So, it’s kind of fitting that the Spanish one turned out better than the English one! We managed to shoot a lot more in Spanish than in English strangely enough and maybe I worked harder on it, I don’t know. But the shots just seem to come nicely together.”

“When you’re watching this (and you’re English speaking), bear in mind that the Spanish words mean almost exactly the same as the English words. They’re about a parallel universe and what could have happened in Another World.”

“Otro Lugar” is featured on Another Disc, included on the 2CD and box set formats of the Another World re-issue; alongside a special collection of remixes, rarities and live tracks. 

The Spanish language music video sees Brian visiting the Teide Observatory on Tenerife and sitting alongside his much-loved tree on the island of El Hierro, which features so magnificently on the Another World album cover. 

Another World artwork

“The tree is a great symbol for Another World for me. And we revisited it. It’s a really ancient tree. It’s a kind of juniper. It’s a Sabina, as they call it here. But its form is extraordinary – it’s grown in a very harsh environment with constant high winds. So, the only way it has survived is by bending – in a long sweeping curve, the tree resembles a beautiful woman with her head thrown back in the wind.   So, we had an amazing trip with these three islands and the gods have been with us. I don’t know if someone’s looking after us because everywhere we’ve been, we’ve had the perfect weather for the shots, and this video should be stupendous.”

“So this has been a dream for me, to revisit the places which fueled my life and also fueled the creation of this album Another World, particularly the pine forest which encircles the central volcano, El Teide. And that forest is a very special place for me, for many reasons. And that’s the place I want to be when I leave this planet, because to me, it’s the closest place to Heaven.”  

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