UK’s electronic HYBRID Announce BLACK HALO – “Sky Full Of Diamonds” Out Now!

HYBRID Announce Sleek and Dark New Album BLACK HALO out July 9, 2021

New Single “Sky Full Of Diamonds” + Metrik Remix Video Out NOW

Hybrid Black Halo

JUNE 14, 2021 (London, UK) – UK electronic duo, Hybrid are announcing the release of their new dark, emotive, and technologically sleek album BLACK HALO out July 9, 2021 via Distinctive Records. Largely written during the turbulence of 2020, the album celebrates the perseverance and triumph of the human spirit. No matter what life throws at us, we thrive and survive.

Continuing to showcase their emotive and captivating sonic style, the band have released “Sky Full of Diamonds,” the third single from the forthcoming studio album. The track is built around a forward-moving motive brought by the propulsive drum pattern, adorned with guitar riffs custom built for vast festival crowds and layers of euphoric synths. Lyrically, “Sky Full of Diamonds” speaks of overcoming the darkest moments of life and reminding us to always search for those glistening sparks of happiness, shining bright amongst the blackest of skies.

Supporting the single, remix duties befell one of Hospital Records biggest acts, Metrik, whose remix is already causing large tremors in the DnB community. Speeding up the beats to roll at 170bpm and adding some almighty weight to the low end, “Sky Full Of Diamonds – Metrik Remix” is an unadulterated summer anthem.

Listen to “Sky Full Of Diamonds” Below

Hybrid - Sky Full Of Diamonds (Metrik Remix - Radio Edit) - Official Video
HYBRID “Sky Full Of Diamonds – Metrik Remix”

Following on from their critically-acclaimed 2018 release Light Of The Fearless – an album eight years  in the making which saw them execute a precision comeback with a sold out tour – Black Halo reaches for those sweet spots between the contrasts once again. Somewhere deep between organic and electronic, faith and escapism, strings and synths, drums and bass, fear and hope, it’s a place where Hybrid can tell their boldest stories so far.

Merging Jimi Hendrix-styled guitar riffs via guitarist/vocalist Stu Morgan into Mike’s sonic soundscapes and punctuated by drummer Simon Hanson’s meticulous rhythms, Hybrid’s music allows Charlotte’s clear and pristine vocals to float and weave effortlessly. Black Halo focuses in on microcosms of these sounds from the brooding stormy weather of tracks like “Lost Angels” and “Seven Days” to the ghostly melodic pop of “No One Knows” and “Nails” to the icy glittering rhythm of “Come Back To Me” and to the anxiety and drive of tracks like “Flashpoint” and  “Voices In The Static.”

Charlotte and Mike Truman of HYBRID
Photo credit: Steve Gullick

A deep emotional narrative runs through all Hybrid music. You can sense it in Charlotte’s stirring songwriting and vocals, you can hear it in Mike’s formidable sound design and production, you can tangibly feel it in the drama, tension and release of the arrangements, and Black  Halo is the best example of this so far.

Originally formed in 1995 at the height of the UK-led Breakbeat Era, Hybrid became leaders of an electronic movement that encompassed a dizzying litany of pinch-yourself moments and accomplishments. With a career spanning over 25 years electronic heavyweights, Hybrid, have amassed 35 singles, 5 albums and remixed tracks for the likes of New Order, Unkle, Idris Elba & Cypress Hill, Moby and Radiohead. The band are renowned for the cinematic approach which they apply to their production, with many of their tracks being synced to big budget television shows, films and video games including SSX Tricky, Saints Row 3, The Fast and Furious franchise, Man On Fire, and many more.

In their own right, Hybrid continue to take their art to incredible places through speakers, stage and screen, and at the heart of it all is simply this: powerful storytelling.

Hybrid is Charlotte Truman (vocals, piano, synths, guitar), Mike Truman (sound design, producer), Stu Morgan (vocals, guitars, bass), and Simon Hanson (drums, percussion, backing vocals). Black Halo will be released July 9, 2021 via Distinctive Records. 

Hybrid - Flashpoint (Official Video)
HYBRID “Flashpoint”
Hybrid - Nails (Official Video)
HYBRID “Nails”

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