Fuzzed Out and Psychedelic TOMBSTONES IN THEIR EYES Release New Album “Looking For A Light”

Looking For A Light answers what it would sound like if Lush or Ladytron made a Desert Rawk record… Thunderous drumming and guitar drones that swirl around like a swarm of bees with Treanor’s lush vocal delivery at the core bringing to mind The Brian Jonestown Massacre or Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at their groove-oriented trippiest but tweaked by Tombstones In Their Eyes’ modern musical brilliance”
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“[Looking For a Light is] hypnotic and… dizzying, distorted, and off-the-wall at times. It’s also a new and spectacular taste of what a modern shoegaze band with an experimental rock edge can do with the right tools and the perfect amount of passion..” – Aquarian Weekly

“… Mesmerizingly brooding and fuzzed-out ‘n’ fiery” – The Big Takeover

via Kitten Robot Records / Somewherecold Records
New Stopmotion Video for “Quarantine Blues” Out Now

Photo Credit: Rachel Roessler

April 20, 2021 (LOS ANGELES, CA)  — Today, SoCal rockers TOMBSTONES IN THEIR EYES (TITE) are proud to release their brand new album LOOKING FOR A LIGHTviaKitten Robot Records / Somewherecold Records. In addition, The Big Takeover premiered the band’s new eye-popping stop-motion video for lead single “Quarantine Blues.”

Attracting fans of desert rock, shoegaze, goth, and neo-garage without aligning themselves directly with any these camps, TITE have been creating a fuzzed-out, psychedelic swirl for the past few years. Now with Looking For A Light,TITE have shifting their sound ever-so-slightly while elevating it up a few notches. It is an album swathed in thick fuzz that allows its melodies to shine bright.  

“We are thrilled to get Looking For a Light released into the world!” excitedly exclaims vocalist/guitarist John Treanor. “The album itself has been complete for about six months, so we’re dying to see how people respond when it finally hits the ‘streets.’ It’s so hard to sit on something that you really want people to hear. In one interview I did recently, the interviewer referred to this album as a ‘career defining record,’ which is high praise.  We consider it our best work to date and are very proud of the record.”

Tombstones In Their Eyes “Quarantine Blues

The music video for lead single “Quarantine Blues” is a new ambitious direction for the band as well, combining stop-motion and live-action in order to create a memorable and trippy visual that perfectly captures the soundscapes of Looking For A Light. “Shooting the ‘Quarantine Blues’ video was fun and exciting, being my first real video with a full crew. It was also exhausting as the shoot took about 14 hours,” notes Treanor about the filming of “Quarantine Blues.” 

Headed up by Heather Galipo (of the band CrowJane who are labelmates on Kitten Robot Records) and Jenny Nirgends, the five woman team painstakingly orchestrated the stop motion animation by Phoebe Hart that took nearly 14 hours to shoot. Accompanied by Michelle Hernandez (director of photography) and Veronica Smith (gaffer), the final video was worth the effort.  “The stop motion animation was fun and painstaking,” adds Treanor. “It required a lot of moving an inch or so at a time, either walking, on my back, or on a chair, which was a trip and ended up looking really cool.”

“The stop motion animation was fun and painstaking.  It required a lot of moving an inch or so at a time, either walking, on my back, or on a chair, which was a trip and ended up looking really cool,” concludes Treanor regarding the video filming.

Looking For A Light 
album artwork (hi-res)

1 Quarantine Blues 2 Ship On The Sea
3 Hey
4 Looking For A Light
5 I Can Hurt All The Time
6 Seeing Eye
7 Wrong
8 Maze

Produced by Paul Roessler (T.S.O.L., Josie Cotton, Richie Ramone) who has produced all of the band’s recordings, Looking For The Light captures the band at a career pinnacle with a new label and a new musical outlook. Signed to Josie Cotton’s Kitten Robot Records, TITE are preparing for a thrust into the mainstream. “I’m in love with this band and the journey it takes you on,” says Cotton, excitedly about her new signing. “Lush and dark, searching and lost, undulating… like  a junky poet traveling across the Arctic Circle on the way to somewhere. You never want it to reach the end.”
Tombstones In Their Eyes is John Treanor (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Stephen Striegel (drums, percussion), Josh Drew (bass, guitar), Paul Boutin (guitar, bass) and James Cooper (synths, midi-drum programming).  Looking For A Lightwas produced by Paul Roessler and is out today via Kitten Robot Records / Somewherecold Records.

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