PC Bombcast Episode 218: You know what really grinds my gears!?!?

We are back! And a few days earlier from here on out.

On this episode, Bombcast Jay and I get really irritable over day to day things. We also talk about the elusive black tiger. Sexy men in towels. A web series based on gaming. The Snyder cut and trouble with Joss. 

And so so much more. 

So download now by searching “PCBombcast” on any and all podcast platforms. Or just listen below. 

Thanks and cheers!
Jeremy B.  


Episode 273: Never get into a gunfight with a baby… PCBombcast

We are back!This time its just Bender and me talking stuff. Like Sick. Last of Us and more. Also the Topical 6 Pack. So listen. Cheers!Jeremy B. 
  1. Episode 273: Never get into a gunfight with a baby…
  2. Episode 272: 001 Guy Only
  3. Episode 271: A New Year’s Ressurection!
  4. Episode 270: The Atonement Bell w/Ousley and Ruff
  5. Episode 269: We will miss you Chase Dog…

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