This Week on Marvel Unlimited: 01/25/2021

A whooping 16 new comics this week: 2 X of Swords books, a new Werewolf series, and a few team ups. Plus a retro review.

New This Week (Published 10/21/2020)
Aero #12
Amazing Spider-Man #50.1
Daredevil #23
Excalibur #13
Falcon & Winter Soldier #4
Fantastic Four #25
Guardians of the Galaxy #7
Iron Man #2
Juggernaut #2
Maestro #3
Marvels X #6
Spider-Woman #5
Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #6
Venom #29
Werewolf by Night #1
X-Men #13

Notes: X of Swords reading order for this week: Excalibur, X-Men…Iron Man guest stars in Aero…Amazing Spider-Man sets up the next arc of the Kindred’s storyline and it brings in other Spider-Characters…Juggernaut, working for Damage Control, takes on the Hulk in Juggernaut #2…Guardians of the Galaxy deals with the cosmic fallout of Empyre…A new Werewolf is introduced in Werewolf by Night…

Best of Last Week:
Cable #5: Any of these X of Swords titles are interchangeable at the top of the week. Cable deals with the SWORD station being overrun with a disease. Interesting stuff setting up Cable as a combatant with his Space Knight sword.
Hellions #5: Hellions might be one of the most dysfunctional books written today and I love it. Empath and John Greycrow have an interesting dynamic.
New Mutants #13: A very Cypher heavy book as he comes to terms with his powerset and being selected for the tournament. A great character piece.
Avengers #37: The end of the Age of Khonshu, and really, I’m disappointed with the story as a whole. There was so much potential and it just fizzled out without a real explanation. It’s just setting up the next Phoenix arc.
X of Swords Handbook #1: Solid sourcebook, but little new information here. More for collectors or new readers.

I missed Captain America #24, Captain Marvel #22, and Star Wars: Darth Vader #6 last week; I’ll be catching up on them before the next issue comes out.

Retro Review: Return of the Living Deadpool – Starting up after the Night of the Living Deadpool, this takes place with a possible Wade Wilson (not clear in the story, but I’m guessing not) trying to stop zombies and Deadpools. In the previous book, Deadpool sacraficed himself to cure the zombie apocalypse. But when the zombies eat Deadpool, they become Deadpools. A hivemind of Deadpools actually. So humans are now hunted by the zombies and Deadpools. One Deadpool rejected the hivemind and tries to help some humans find the safe zone.

Like a lot of Deadpool stories, this is made stronger with the supporting cast. Liz, a teenaged human looking for her family, teams up with our Deadpool to help people. While they don’t have much time to get into her character, she’s a good focal point for Deadpool’s attention and his moral compass.

Cullen Bunn knows how to write alternate takes on Deadpool. The dialogue is what you expect from a Deadpool story. And much like the other book, it’s a quick, concise read.

Don’t forget, the Krakoa Mutant Tracker is updated weekly as new books come to Marvel Unlimited (although it needs to be updated right now).

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