It’s Time for the Cardinals to Act

I am one of the most patient Cardinal fans out there. I don’t want them to spend just to spend; I’m very particular about who they add and the contracts they add to the payroll. But after this weekend, the Cardinals need to start making moves.

With the Brewers trading for Christian Yelich on Thursday and signing Lorenzo Cain hours later, they are showing they aren’t messing around for 2018. Both of the teams above the Cardinals in the 2017 standings are attempting to make moves; while the Cardinals have been too, it’s time to step up the game.

The Cardinals have added 1.1 WAR to their existing WAR; that’s the 2017 roster, minus the players that left, plus the 3-year average of the guys they added. That might be adding low on Marcell Ozuna, Luke Gregerson, and Dominic Leone, but it’s also hard to sell them based on their 2017 numbers (both Ozuna and Leone were high end, while Gregerson was low end for his Houston tenure).

The Cubs this season have added Tyler Chatwood (3 yr, $38M), Brandon Morrow (2, $21M), Drew Smyly (2, $10M) Steve Cishek (2, $13M), and Brian Duensing (2, $7M). They are still looking at adding a starting pitcher to replace Jake Arrieta (top candidate is Yu Darvish, but Arrieta is still in consideration). They also have to replace Wade Davis, Hector Rondon, Leonys Martin, John Lackey, Koji Uehara, and Alex Avila.

The Brewers added Boone Logan (1, $2.5M, Jhoulys Chacin (2, $15M), Yovani Gallardo (1, $2M), and Eric Sogard (1, $2.4M) in addition to signing Cain and trading for Yelich. They lost Anthony Swarzak, Jered Hughes, Wily Peralta, Neil Walker, Matt Garza, and Carlos Torres. They are also in on Darvish and other rotation upgrades.

The neither team had many hitting upgrades to make (although the Brewers did make some), so they both added pitching. Their depth is much deeper than the Cardinals in the bullpen, but they also have a better starting 5 than the Cardinals.

So what can the Cardinals do?

They have the money to spend, so why not look at the available options for an upgrade.

The rotation should be a spot to look at; Adam Wainwright is a shell of himself and Luke Weaver started to struggle after teams saw him multiple times last year. The team was tied to Chris Archer earlier in the off-season; while Archer was told he probably won’t be dealt, the Cardinals have the depth to make the deal for him and Alex Colome. Even if they have to deal Jack Flaherty (which they have the depth in the minors to absorb the loss), the Cardinals have the players to continue to fill in the Major League Roster as needed.

J.D. Martinez should be out of the question for hitters; he’s got a great bat, but he’s quickly declining on defense. He’s also wanting much more than he’s worth to a National League club.

The other 2 top options in free agency are Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas. While Hosmer is a nice player, he’s not better than Matt Carpenter overall (he’s better defensively, but he’s not going to put the Cardinals over the other 2 clubs in the division). Adding him also blocks the ability to play Jose Martinez, who’s considered a breakout player for 2018.

That leaves Moustakas. He’s a definite upgrade for the team; his defense is right there with Jedd Gyorko while his bat is more of an everyday option. He provides a much different role than Carpenter too; Carpenter has proved he’s only valuable in the lead off spot. In 2017, Carpenter was batted .221/.353/.429 as a #3 hitter with a -.119 WPA; once he moved to the lead off spot, he hit .267/.415/.498 while having a WPA of 1.973. His bat is the classic #3 profile, but mentally he can’t hit outside of the lead off spot.

If the team could sign a Moustakas to something in a 3 year deal, they could try to move Carpenter and go with Gyorko and Martinez as their first base tandem.

That would give the Cardinals the additions they need to compete with Chicago and Milwaukee, which gives them a really good shot of making the playoffs for the first time since 2015.

8 thoughts on “It’s Time for the Cardinals to Act

  • Moustakas doesn’t really move the needle, either, though. Every Cardinal infielder projects at around 2.5 WAR per 600 PA. Then you have Moustakas at 3. So about a half-win upgrade. Not that projections are gospel, but I would bet on Carpenter beating his projection just as much if not more than Moustakas, so just keep him. At this stage there just isn’t really a position player that is enough of a marginal upgrade to justify the money. Yu is probably the only significant FA upgrade that can be made at this point.

  • Or is it, Yu are* an upgrade?

  • That sounds good. What about a trade of Carpenter to NYY for Robertson and prospect and sign Moose and Morrison. More balance and Fowler to lead off spot

  • IMO…trade for Archer or sign Lynn

  • WAINO is a gamble at this point. Maybe spring training we will get a better knowledge of what we have in him.

  • Big Daddy Dawg

    Your assessment that Cubs’ and Brewers’ bullpens and rotations are stronger than Cardinals is completely off. As it sits today, I will take Cardinals staff heading into season over either of those teams’. You have neglected to mention and take into account Miles Mikolas signing and the fact that the Redbirds – as of today – have the best SP in the division in Carlos Martinez. Finally, neither of the Royals FAs is a fit – the fit here offensively is a guy like Logan Morrison while working to swing a trade for a lefty (Danny Duffy or Sean Manaea?) would be helpful.

  • Good article but the Cards should have gutted the Marlins while they had the chance. Pham, Flaherty, and Kelly for Yelich and Realmuto. Move Yadi to 1st and Carp to third. With that lineup they’re favored to win world series. And the numbers work out. And they would have pre-empted UBS and brewers. (And fire Moreliak while you’re at it.)

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      Theyll rue the day trading Flaherty, if it comes to pass..

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